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JIMBO J – rapper/actor Omer Habaron
Nacht Foundation to fund 80 artists to recreate Israeli musical classics

The roster takes in almost every genre and style on offer across the broad spectrum of the Israeli pop, rock and ethnic music.

Israeli army Technicians carry out a diagnostic test for coronavirus in a IDF lab in central Israel
New Israeli law to allow compulsory job recruitment in case of emergency

"This is a rather extreme law," said MK Haim Katz.

MACCABI TEL AVIV swingman Deni Avdija poses with the trophy after being voted the Most Valuable Play
Tying a bow on a campaign for the ages

Reviewing all the awards and best moments as Mac TA’s Avdija earns MVP, Zoos top defender

People vote in Jerusalem on election day, March 2, 2020.
Can ‘kamikaze’ drive to elections be stopped? - analysis

Even Likud MKs who do not believe he is bringing Israel closer to elections because of his trial are concerned that he might do it to avoid the changeover in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Gantz at Home Front Command: 'Only a senseless enemy will test Israel'

Gantz went on to describe the challenges Israel is facing in current times, both in terms of security on all fronts as well as the coronavirus crisis.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu adds third new lawyer to trial team

Lawyer Boaz Ben Tzur is another senior litigator with experience in white collar crime defense, and joins veteran lawyer Yossi Segev, and younger lawyer, but rising star, Amit Hadad.

Back to school (illustrative)
Education Ministry plan needs 7,500 teachers, ‘Corona Czar’ not consulted

To fully open the year, 50,000 additional teachers will be needed.

Netanyahu: Annexation still on the agenda

The prime minister said the matter is currently in the Trump administration’s hands.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu removing his mask
Netanyahu dismisses claims he wants to go to elections

Liberman: PM leads with elections due to his legal troubles

IDF ‘endangered lives’ on West Bank roads

Among the top issues was communication failures and disputes over which body was actually in charge.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy & Water Resources
Comptroller: Better oversight needed on foreign investments in Israel

The comptroller expressed specific concern about cases in which “the companies controlling [national infrastructure] belong to factors with interests that do not align with Israeli interests.”

Defense Ministry failed to see holes in US-Israel military aid – report

Regarding safeguarding local Israeli defense producers, the report said that the Defense Ministry budget for purchases in recent years has been NIS 12 billion.

Airlines must reimburse customers by October 1 - report

Any airline that can't prove a loss of at least 70% in earnings will need to reimburse customers immediately. El Al will need to reimburse customers over one billion NIS.

Millions of shekels wasted on unbuilt residence for PM

Had the project been built, protests would not be taking place in a residential neighborhood.

Decision to award tender for IDF cannon made with incomplete information

Defense Ministry, IDF rejects claims in the report, say proper decision-making processes were carried out.

Mossad Director Yossi Cohen
The Mossad explodes with growth while IDF shrinks - report

State Comptroller report is extremely rare and detailed disclosure of usually classified internal Mossad proceedings and debates regarding long-term future of the organization.

Fire in Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, August 3, 2020
Firefighters battling forest fire in Jerusalem's Ein Kerem

Strengthening winds in the area have caused the fire to intensify.

RESIDENTS OF the South take cover last week after hearing sirens warning of incoming rockets from Ga
Israelis near borders still don’t have access to shelters - report

Public shelters found to be inadequate for 2.6 million citizens, evacuation plans are incomplete, says State Comptroller’s Report.

Israel's representatives at the International Chemistry Olympiads in 2020
Israel wins 1st gold medal in decade at International Chemistry Olympiads

Israel has participated in the Olympiads since 2006. The Olympiads this year were run by Turkey, but took place over Zoom due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Students at Yeshivat Migdal HaTorah return to in-person classes as coronavirus regulations lifted
Israel prepares to greet 21,000 foreign students amid COVID-19 outbreak

The students will only be allowed into the country if the institutions they're learning in are approved by the Health Ministry and commit to upholding quarantine regulations for two weeks.

World’s largest cargo plane lands in Israel

Antonov An-225 is carrying US military Oshkosh trucks to be fitted with Iron Dome missile defense systems

Israel Police officers giving out tickets for not wearing a mask in public
Majority of Israelis concerned over coronavirus, 70% wear masks

Some 70% of respondents said that they make sure to wear a mask in all required cases, with 21% wearing one in most cases - regardless if they were instructed to do so.

Expecting 16,000 US students, Gamzu warns rule-breakers will be deported

Some 16,000 young adults from the United States alone are scheduled to enter Israel before Rosh Hashanah for study, seminary and pre-army programs.

Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv
No change in the overall number of smokers in Israel - report

The report further revealed that 25.3% of Israeli adult males smoke, in comparison to 15% of adult females.

IDF thwarts terrorist attack along Syrian border, August 2, 2020
Israel Defense Force (IDF) thwarts attack along Syria border fence

Four-man cell crossed Alpha Line into Israel and was planting bombs on fence before being struck by air and ground forces

Back-to-school market drops to NIS 300m

The nationwide chain has invested in developing online sales activities, with a fast delivery system to the customer’s home. About 15% of its back-to-school purchases have been made online, it said.

Danny Danon: Extending the arms embargo against Iran is urgent

In an interview to The Jerusalem Post, the outgoing ambassador spoke about his highest and lowest points, as well as what he believes is important when dealing with Iran.

A drawing from Hadar Mordechay’s book.
Exhibition at the Musrara Art School in Jerusalem: an undecided journey

Grappling with topics such as the urban experience and sexual self-expression, some of the projects hit the aesthetic mark while others remain a mere promise.

Shalom Assayag
Police drama ‘Manayak’: Israel’s next big hit on TV

The channel’s new series, the gripping and suspenseful Manayak (Hebrew slang for snitch or rat), is about corruption within the police force, and is perfectly in tune with the current moment.

Israelis have more in common than not with one another - opinion

There is another reality out there – reflected in a meeting of reservists.

Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv
Despite the coronavirus pandemic, smoking rate in Israel remains unchanged

The percentage of Israelis who smoke is higher than in OECD countries.

Tel Aviv’s legendary drive-in theater returns

The screenings are exclusively for DigiTel Resident Card holders. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time via the municipality website:

Netanyahu lauds 'day of good news' as Israelis receive benefits

‘I wish I was in a position where I could say I’ll give the money to charity,’ an unemployed tour-guide told ‘Post,’ ‘but my wife and I can’t do that’

Demonstrators protest against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu outside Prime Minister offic
Sympathy from Netanyahu? Not going to happen - comment

Comparing the media in Israel to North Korea, Netanyahu lashed out against the protests which he said trampled democracy and were an “incubator for the coronavirus.”

Miki Zohar: Feels like coalition with Blue and White might collapse soon

"This is like a couple who wants a divorce and are about to sign on it any minute," Coalition chairman Miki Zohar claimed.

Shas leader Arye Deri (right) and UTJ leader Ya'acov Litzman (far left) attend a meeting in Jerusale
Ultra-Orthodox parties to thwart High Court override bill

Likud MK and coalition chair Miki Zohar has stated that he would recommend PM Netanyahu support opposition bill to institute Knesset override of High Court decisions, threatening new coalition crisis

The week in readers' pictures

Jerusalem Post readers send us their best shots of the week.

Israelis outraged as a kilogram of avocados can reach up to NIS 100

Many in the report have expressed their anger at the high prices currently presented on the market, with some people interviewed saying most of the product is unusable.

Who will be Israel's next prime minister? 28% say Bennett

It is important to note that a plurality of respondents (33%) say that no party chairman or public figure mentioned in the survey has a strong chance.

Vans with slogans aimed at Britain's Labour Party are driven around Parliament Square ahead of a deb
Labour MP apologizes for 'clumsy' antisemitic tweet

The veteran MP apologized for cryptic tweets in relation to Richard Desmond and Philip Green, both of whom are prominent British businessmen and Jewish.

Court slaps Yair Netanyahu with restraining order

In addition, it orders him to delete tweets he had posted online against protest leaders.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Is Israel going to elections? Here are Netanyahu’s 5 options

A look at what the under-pressure prime minister can do to avoid a fourth election in 19 months.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu climbs out of the 'Rahav,' the fifth submarine in the navy's fleet
Why Netanyahu still probably won't get indicted in Case 3000 - analysis

The problem for making Netanyahu a suspect both in the past and even now is the difference between the law and "what everyone knows" is common sense.

Cabinet authorizes Hotovely as ambassador to UK

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Hotovely “for years of dedicated work in the Knesset and the cabinet.

Gamzu: Any foreign student who disregards restrictions will be deported

“Any institution that disrespects the restrictions will be closed,” the new coronavirus czar said.

Netanyahu lashes out at media: Worse than North Korea

In a furious broadside attack, Prime Minister Netanyahu accuses Israeli news outlets of ‘fueling’ protests in an effort to ‘trample on democracy.’

oil rig
Zion Oil & Gas receives approval to drill new well

The plan should begin in the mid to late third quarter of 2020, based on the firm's projections, and it will take around five months to drill the Megiddo Jezreel #2 well.

MK Miki Zohar voting in favor of his bill to cancel limitation on number of ministers
Coalition chairman expresses support for Supreme Court Override Clause

The Blue and White party stressed that they would "not allow anti-democratic legislation."

Protesters rally in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Jerusalem residency, calling for hi
Tens of thousands protest in Jerusalem, across Israel

Twelve protesters were arrested for disturbing the public order, attacking police and operating a drone illegally.

Take the protests in proportion - analysis

When the two news stories are juxtaposed, they put things into proportion for anyone really paying attention.

Elections inch closer after budget not presented

“The prime minister will not bring the budget for a vote tomorrow,” Finance Minister Israel Katz told 'The Jerusalem Post' on Saturday night.

A view shows the Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim in the West Bank February 25, 2020.
15 European countries formally complain about E1 building

"Settlements are illegal under International Humanitarian Law," the French Embassy in Israel tweeted.

Police: 'Israel is in a state of social chaos'

"At some point, they began attacking [protesters] with knives, bats and glass bottles."

Store owners ignore COVID-19 health restrictions, open businesses anyway

“I can’t close a 2,000 square meter business for three weekends in a row,” Shfar'am business says, “why can a restaurant serve 20 people, but a clothing store can’t?”

Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz at the weekly cabinet meeting, at the M
Left to Gantz: Designate La Familia as a terrorist organization

Eight La Familia members were arrested for attacking a news crew and throwing rocks at cars near Jerusalem's Central Station.

Wounded green sea turtle Kfir returning to the Mediterranean Sea.
Wounded turtle Kfir returns to sea after treatment in Israel

Kfir's injuries were likely caused by a shockwave from an underwater explosion.

US House passes missile-defense budget for Israel valued at $500m.

The financial aid will mostly go towards the Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow missile defense systems.

Police show up at Givatayim home, demand man delete anti-Netanyahu post

Police are not legally allowed to command a citizen to remove any content from the internet without judiciary approval, neither are they allowed to determine what qualifies as incitement.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu, wearing a face mask, stands inside the courtroom at the Jerusalem
Former Walla! CEO to serve as first prosecution witness in Netanyahu trial

Former Meretz Party leader Zehava Galon stressed Yeshua's importance to Case 4000 on Twitter, saying that Elovich "knew that one day these recordings would save him. He was right."

Vladimir Putin at a polling station during the presidential election in Russia
Israeli citizen faces criminal charges for voting three times in Russia

Yael Ilinsky, who lives in the Israeli city of Nahariya, said she posted pictures of herself voting three times to expose fraud.

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu in trouble after calling on people to stalk protesters

Yair Netanyahu was summoned to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court after posting a message on Twitter calling on his followers to gather outside of the homes of protesters.

MDA medic walks man through wife’s birth en route to hospital

Now I finally hear for myself the baby crying and I also hear the MDA ambulance siren, both at the same time. You almost can’t tell which is which. But both sounds are a relief for everyone.

Taxi cars
HERE Mobility closes Israeli headquarters amid coronavirus pandemic

Like Gett, Uber and Lyft, HERE Mobility creates systems for transportation services used in taxi companies and transportation companies, among others to optimize their ability to process orders.

Likud MKs applaud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of his first trial hearing on Sunday
A confirmed coronavirus patient met with several MKs from Likud

During his visit to the Knesset, Alon Azoulay met with several ministers, mainly from the Likud party.

Claims Iran hacked Israeli railways are false - 'Post' learns

The purported attack, comes only months after previous attempts, likely by Iran, to decommission Israeli water treatment plants across the country, in last April.

What do Israelis think of recent protests - survey

More than half responded that proetsts are very violent, 27% responded that they felt the protesters were balanced and thought out, and 12% who responded that they were relatively quiet.

Animal rights activists demand release of injured turkeys from farm

Approximately 9 million turkeys are killed annually in the country out of approximately 630 million killed globally.

Four daycare workers arrested, owner under house arrest for child abuse

She denied knowing about the abuse in her daycare and proceeded to call those in her employment "monsters."

Border Police go about coronavirus inspections in Mea Shearim, a haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem.
Did haredi MKs block lockdown lifting to prevent Shabbat desecration?

"Regardless of coronavirus, Shabbat has protected us as we have protected it throughout all of the generations."

Israel Border Police stand at the ready ahead of protests, behind a line of Likud Party posters
Israel Police ramps up security ahead of weekend demonstrations

Protesters promise to protect themselves and fight back if attacked again.

Anti-Netanyahu protest movement goes global over weekend

Demonstrations planned for New York, London, San Francisco; Likud drafts Trump

Protesters continue fight against Netanyahu, 16 arrested

Protest against prime minister to be held in San Francisco on Friday

Sara Netanyahu speaks to the public via video amid online health rumors

Rumors swirled on social media after a tweet posted on Tuesday by Attorney Barak Cohen implied that the Prime Minister's wife had been missing recently for some unknown medical reason.

Keying up for Israel's first online piano festival

“The PianoWebFest is all about international, online communication.”

American-Israeli hoopster earns his wings

Mac TA’s Sandy Cohen had a unique start, but settled into key role for newly-crowned champ

How Bibi’s trial impacts appointment options for police, Mossad, Shin Bet

The three major appointments he has the most direct control over in the coming year are the heads of the police, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Mossad.

Major fire breaks out at Susya archaeological site in Hebron hills

The site features a unique 1,700 year-old synagogue. In the past decades, the area has been a focal point of tensions between the Palestinian and the Israeli population in the West Bank.

Court extends arrest of 4 kindergarten employees for toddler abuse charges

"I'm angry, I'm hurt, my world is destroyed, my heart shattered, my child's life has been ruined. To the end I will not forgive them."

Peres Center, Keter launch contest for Middle Eastern artists

Titled "The New Shape of Co-Existence," the contest allows artists from across the Middle East to present their works that contain their personal and unique views and perspectives.

Anti-government demonstrators scuffle with riot police during a lunch time protest as a second readi
Hong Kong democracy activists to Israel: Stop exporting tech to police

An activist claimed Hong Kong police used Israeli-made Cellebrite to hack his phone.

Netta Barzilai promises surprise as 'Bassa Sababa' gets 100m. views

The singer has promised fans a special surprise now that the goal has been met.

Hagihon chairman, Avi Balashnikov, elected for a third term

"It is an honor for me to serve the city and its residents, and to lead the city's infrastructure, sustainability and the environment along with Mayor Moshe Leon," Balashnikov stated.

Tisha Be'av walked goes on as planned, only 50 permitted to take part

The Women in Green movement emphasized that the walk represented the thousands of participants who were unable to be in attendance this year.

Without visas, will Israeli talent return home during coronavirus?

With half a million Israeli workers and acadmeics living abroad, who are facing the pandemic and recent changes in US immigration policy, decision-makers see a chance to reverse 'brain-drain'

Israel's 'Bibi generation' starts to turn on Netanyahu

When infections fell, he went on television on May 26 to boast of his success. "Have a beer. Enjoy yourselves," he said. Many Israelis did just that.

Israeli Police uses water cannon to disperse demonstrators during protest against Benjamin Netanyahu
Jerusalem mayor begs protesters for night off

A spokesman for the Black Flag protest movement responded that the demonstrations would take place as planned.

Israel Museum to reopen thanks to $4 million grant

The grant will be transferred soon, a representative for the museum said, and the museum will reopen shortly.

Israel Air Force F15
Israel Defense Ministry hosts US-Israeli Defense Policy Advisory group

Sessions come as tensions spike between Israel and Hezbollah.

Israelis put an art installation of a statue depicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sitting on
Netanyahu shared death threat against him? Facebook says it's fake

Independent journalist Yossi Dorfman investigated 'Dana Ron's' social media history, revealing that her account is an avatar.

Jewish worshippers break through the barricades at the Western Wall during Tisha B'Av prayers
After Western Wall riots, police prepare for violence at Balfour protests

After hundreds stormed past security at the Western Wall on Wednesday night, the beginning of Tisha B'Av, police are preparing for violent protests tonight when the holiday ends.

Katz: Israel to have a budget on Sunday

Katz hinted during an interview with Reshet Bet that a budget would be “the third leg” needed to reach stability amid the coronavirus crisis.

female soldier
New mentoring program aims to create Israel's next leading cyber experts

The initiative is meant to encourage young girls who are currently enrolled in technological-oriented classes in school to pursue meaningful positions during and after their military service.

Arkia employees fight for company's future, protest against management

The employees demonstrated in several locations, while the largest protest took place near the company chairman's private residence and in front of Arkia's headquarters.

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