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Protest in front of Labor Court
A-G: families who receive 'pay for slay' payments forfeit state benefits

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit has urged the National Labor Court to reject a family's request for state benefits while receiving of 'pay for slay' payments.

Labor leader Peretz to Blue and White: Stop giving false hope

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz said on Tuesday night that negotiations could begin if Netanyahu would just reiterate the same commitments he made ahead of the past two elections.

Yisrael Beteynu leader Avigdor Liberman addresses the media, December 11, 2019
Avigdor Liberman: Everyone to blame for election except me

The Yisrael Beteynu leader accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of acting only out of his own interest.

Health Ministry Director-General Moshe Bar Siman Tov
Health Ministry D-G commits to NIS 500m. health basket addition

Despite ongoing financial instability, director-general Moshe Bar Siman Tov said it was imperative that medical treatments are funded.

Investigators surround the body of a suicide bomber following an explosion near the Sbarro pizzeria
Palestinian teen suicide bomber honored with plaque at Bethlehem school

Ayyat al-Akras was just 17 when she blew herself up in Jerusalem, killing two and injuring 28, near a supermarket in Jerusalem on March 29, 2002.

Alejandro Giammattei plants a tree with KKL-JNF world chairman Daniel Atar
Guatemala's Giammattei: Time to recognize Jewish people's right to Israel

The president-elect, in town on an official visit and in support of the Israel Allies Foundation annual event, visited with local leaders and planted a tree through KKL-JNF in the Hula Valley.

A protester holding an "Abuse isn't Love" sign at a protest against violence against women in Tel Av
NGOs hold ‘trial,’ highlight violence against migrant women

Sponsored by the Organization of Women for Women and the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, the mock trial included the actual testimonies of three female migrant victimsץ

A young David Amato attempting to learn how to play the trumpet, despite an injured right hand
David Amato, a Hanukkah baby who spread his wings

The story of an exceptional man honored with Mexico’s Order of the Aztec Eagle.

Israel elections:time to vote.
Holding Israeli elections a day before Super Tuesday in the US

Super Tuesday is the most important day in the US primary calendar when fully 14 states will be holding primaries and selecting their delegates.

Alan Dershowitz arrives at Manhattan Federal Court in September
Israel politics: How it really is

How it really is: Why am I angry? You should be too!

(Top of the previous page and above) Two untitled works by Hannan Abu-Hussein featured at this year’
Hannan Abu-Hussein hopes to bring about positive change

Is the paintbrush mightier than the pen?

Edelstein: European ‘boycott of Jewish products’ hurts Israel ties

"“If, God forbid, a country adopts a boycott of Judea and Samaria, the relations between Israel and that country will be harmed," Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said.

Poll: Blue and White expected to gain 37 seats, Likud drops to 33

With Netanyahu heading the Likud the party receives more seats but the right-bloc falters, while Sa'ar leading the party would have fewer votes but the bloc gets strengthened.

Demonstrators protest against Chile’s government in Santiago on November 28
Understanding global chaos

While Israelis look inward, staring at our navels and focusing on our exasperating political deadlock, things are happening in the world.

USS George H.W. Bush israel
China wins on Haifa port, but fights with US for the future - analysis

China will start running the port in 2021, and the US will need to decide whether to continue to dock its Sixth Fleet there or follow through on its threat to pull out.

Anat Peled
Israeli women win prestigious scholarships

“I feel very thankful for this opportunity, very excited, and very jet lagged,” she said in a phone interview. “It’s a pretty intense application process. I flew back to Israel for the interviews.”

UN ambassadors visit Israel, say 'it is like a dream'

"When you come to Jerusalem and Israel, you live what you have read in the Bible. For me, as a Christian, it is like a dream," said Ambassador Perks Master Ligoya from Malawi.

Nekrutman with a Blessing Bethlehem delegation
David Nekrutman: Connecting Christians

David Nekrutman, 45, is a charismatic man of many talents. An American-Israeli Orthodox Jewish theologian, he is a writer, public speaker and pro-Israel activist

Herzl’s portrait hangs in the Jewish Museum, Vienna
The ancient Jewish art of blending in

For centuries Jews living in the Diaspora had to be constantly on guard and aware of those who threatened their survival.

Ethiopian Israelis celebrate the holiday of Sigd in Jerusalem on November 27
Mequnante’s healing: A reset for Israel and its Ethiopian community?

An Ethiopian kid had been killed by a police officer and this was not investigated; my wife was arrested at a demonstration last week!

The statue of Jesus and the 12 Apostles on the Mount of Beatitudes in the Galilee
From Mafia ‘associate’ to Christian supporter of Israel

According to official 2018 statistics from the Tourism Ministry, no less than 61% of tourists visiting Israel last year were Christian, while only 22% were Jewish.

THE KNESSET – lawmakers have different ways of expressing their frustration over the coalition crisi
Knesset to vote on dispersing itself today

Third election in under a year set to begin.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein
Israel elections: Game of throne

Netanyahu has yet to leave the political stage, but Likud’s succession struggle is already under way.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a ceremony to inaugurate a dozen factories in Ashkelon o
Israel elections: Third time lucky?

Israel faces yet another election after both Netanyahu and Gantz fail to form a government.

A view of the Judean Desert overlooking the caves of Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found
Masada and its scrolls

Masada was first built as a fortress by a Hasmonean priest Jonathan, either the brother of Judah the Maccabee (152–143 BCE) or Alexander Janneus (103–76 BCE).

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett visit an army base on the Gol
A battle too important to be left to Netanyahu

Netanyahu is no saint, but the charges are definitely verging on legal terra incognita and paving the way for further judicial imperialism.

Moshe Dann
The symbol of Masada

The adoption of Masada as a modern symbol for the State of Israel, however, is controversial because of what Josephus wrote took place there.

NGO puts politicians on empty cans to stop preserving Israeli poverty

On Monday, Latet released their annual "alternative" poverty report, which unlike the State of Israel's official poverty report, measures poverty according to households lacking essential needs.

Moshe Holtzberg,
Israel news: Fourteen Days

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote to Moshe, “Your story continues to inspire everyone. It is one of miracle and hope overcoming tragedy and immeasurable loss.”

Tourists visit the ancient fortress of Masada
The fall of Masada

Two thousand years ago, 967 Jewish men, women and children reportedly chose to take their own lives rather than suffer enslavement or death at the hands of the Roman army.

US investment bank Stifel announces opening of Israel office

The Israel office, Raymond said, will enable Stifel to provide improved service and execution to clients operating in Israel or active in the Israeli market.

From left - Jon Boydon, Emma Hatton, Jenna Lee-James and Peter Eldridge soak up the applause before
The bohemian rhapsody of Queen Symphonic

The air was full of excitement and curiosity in Tel Aviv last night as the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra took the stage with cast members of the West End's We Will Rock You musical.

WOMEN IN ISRAEL still earn less than similarly educated men in the same age group, relative to other
Israel's gender pay gap increased in 2018, report finds

The 27.5% gender wage gap shows a significant increase since the 2017 report, when the median gap stood at 24.7%.

Project for permanent US embassy in Jerusalem.
Mayor Moshe Lion gives green light to US embassy project

At the moment, two different locations are being considered as sites for the future embassy. A final decision is expected to be made in the coming months.

Malka Leifer, a former Australian school principal who is wanted in Australia on suspicion of sexual
Psychiatric opinion on Malka Leifer delayed for a month

'How much longer can we hold on?' one of the alleged victims asked.

Likud MK Gideon Sa'ar looks out over the Bedouin outpost of Khan al-Amar, West Bank, December 10, 20
Sa'ar vows to ensure Jewish continuity from Jerusalem to Dead Sea

The challenger for the Likud leadership slams Benjamin Netanyahu for broken promises in Jordan Valley.

The first of Israel's El Al Airlines order of 16 Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets lands at Ben Gurion Inte
El Al to operate three non-stop test flights to Melbourne

The flights, the longest carried out by an Israeli airline to date, will be served by El Al’s new fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

BEITAR JERUSALEM at Ashdod SC in Premier League action.
Maccabi TA draws Maccabi Netanya, still yet to concede

Beitar Jerusalem rallies for 2-2 result in Ashdod • Hapoel Haifa blanks Bnei Yehuda • Hap TA victorious

Natan Sharansky
Genesis Prize Foundation names Natan Sharansky 2020 winner

Natan Sharansky is being recognized for his lifelong struggle for human rights, political freedom and for his service to the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

A taxi driver collects a passenger near the Jerusalem Bus Station
Israeli taxi driver finds $60,000 cash left in his cab and returns it

“I am a man of faith,” Barkat said. “The money isn’t mine, and I returned it wholeheartedly.

Gilad Erdan
Erdan bans operations of PA's Governor of Jerusalem

Geith is an Israeli citizen who was assigned as the Governor of Jerusalem by PA President Abbas in 2018. He was investigated for his possible involvement in the kidnapping of realtor Issam Akel.

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman
Julian Edelman wears custom cleats to support baseball in Israel

In a post on social media featuring a close-up photo of the cleats, Edelman recalled his first visit to Israel in 2015, which he called a “meaningful experience.”

Immigrant offered spot on Ukrainian Olympic team, joins IDF instead

Liana Volganov, a mountaineer and a wall climber, was offered a position on Ukraine’s Olympic team for Tokyo 2020, but decided that she would rather join the IDF Artillery Corps.

Houthi rebels threaten Israel in statements to Arab media

The statement come amid continued threats emanating from Houthi militias following the seizure of a ship that was carrying missile components from Iran to Yemen.

Anti-racism head to police: Control racist remarks after Tekah incident

Tekah’s killing shook the country, and led to nationwide protests by the Ethiopian community about dangerous discrimination by police and racism against Ethiopians.

People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo
What were the most popular tweets, hashtags in Israel in 2019?

“In 2019, Israelis used Twitter to connect, campaign, learn, debate and have conversations,” Twitter explained in a release.

THE EASTERN entrance to the Carmel Tunnels
Chinese envoy rails against US ‘bullying’ Israel over investments

“China never set obstacles to US-Israel cooperation, so I don’t think it makes any sense for the US to question China-Israel cooperation,” Zhai Jun added.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a meeting with lawmakers from 25 countries from the Israel Alli
Netanyahu tells Christian leaders: Stand with the truth about Israel

“We are not occupiers in a foreign land. This is our homeland since Abraham the Patriarch came here 3,500 years ago. The word ‘Jew’ comes from ‘Judea,’” Netanyahu said.

Avichay Mandelblit attends Ayelet Shaked's goodbye party.
High Court to A-G: Say whether Netanyahu can run for PM before elections

Avichai Mandelblit has already made it clear that he is not interested in personally being that hand that forces Netanyahu out of office.

CEO of Hazorfim Yakov Merdinger looks at produced silver candlesticks and menorahs.
Uniting the Jewish people through producing Hanukkah menorahs

‘Hanukkah for all Jewish people represents our strong roots,’ says Hazorfim CEO Yakov Merdinger.

Israeli citizens with disabilities renew their protest to receive improved benefits.
Statistics show apathy in Israel towards people with disabilities

Although there has been a significant improvement in attitudes towards people with disabilities, the statistics presented by Oren Helman's Sikuy Shaveh (Equal Chance) were troubling.

2019 EMET Prize Laureates, back row from left to right: Professor Benjamin Z. Kedar, Professor Avner
‘Israel’s Nobel Prize’ goes to 11 winners - Watch live

The award has been awarded annually since 2002 to Israeli citizens in recognition of “academic or professional excellence."

THE ‘RUSLAN’ anchors at the port of Istanbul on its way from Odessa to Israel in 1919.
New exhibition reveals the secrets of the Israeli ‘Mayflower’

On December 19th, 1919, Ruslan, carrying 600 travelers from Odessa, docked at the port of Jaffa. It has been dubbed “the Israeli Mayflower,” because many of its passengers entered Israel's pantheon.

Automotive giant DENSO eyes deeper collaboration with Israeli start-ups

Researchers from the country's leading academic institutions and more than 100 start-ups attended the event to learn how they can collaborate with the $48.3 billion Japanese mobility supplier.

NGO launches women's initiative for Israeli-Palestinian peace

IPF’s millennial-led network is called Atid and it is focused on mobilizing support for a viable two-state solution between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz shakes hands with Blue and White MK Yair Lapid
Blue and White decides no Gantz-Lapid rotation for PM

Gantz and Lapid ran as joint candidates for prime minister in the April and September elections.

Snow in Jerusalem, February 20, 2015
Israel to hold extreme-weather exercise as winter arrives

The "Storm Suit" exercise includes scenarios for extreme winter weather conditions that will test inter-organizational competence and efficiency.

Haredim enlist in national service
IDF: Ultra-Orthodox enlistment numbers wrong due to technicalities

Senior IDF officials explain discrepancies in figures provided for ultra-Orthodox enlistment during Knesset committee hearing.

Efi Nave in court
Supreme Court rules against Efi Naveh in border fraud case

The new legal blow to Naveh comes just days after the state prosecution announced that it will likely indict him for bribery in a sex-for-judgeship scandal.

A LOOK at Sheba Medical Center doctors and nurses using the latest in cutting-edge technology
Israel's Peregrine Ventures raises $115 mln medical tech fund

Peregrine said its partners include institutional and private equity investors from Israel, the United States, Europe and Australia.

Blue and White No.2, Yair Lapid, speaks at the Israel Allies Foundation conference, December 9, 2019
Yair Lapid begs Brits not to vote for Jeremy Corbyn

‘Usually you’re not supposed to interfere with elections in other countries, but in this case I’ll make an exception,” the Blue and White MK said.

Critically injured IDF soldier makes electrifying marriage proposal
Critically injured IDF soldier makes electrifying marriage proposal

Ron Abbuttbul proposed to his girlfriend Lee 250 meters (820 feet) above sea level at the Orot Rabin power plant of the Israel Electric Corporation where he works.

Guatemala's president-elect, Alejandro Giammattei, speaks an Israel Allies Foundation conference, De
Pres.-elect to 'Post': Guatemala will designate Hezbollah a terror org.

Giammattei also said that he would reconsider his country's policy on Israeli settlements, potentially aligning it with the new US policy: settlements are not illegal.

Over 160 vehicles damaged in suspected Jerusalem 'price tag' attack

MK Touma-Sliman: If price tag attackers are ignored, there will be a pogrom on the Palestinians

 Israel Democracy Institute's conference on "Populism and Policy", December 9, 2019
Populism & Policy: Where does Israel go from here? - Watch

The Jerusalem Post's Gil Hoffman appears on a panel at the Israel Democracy Institute's conference in English on the topic of populism and policy.

A-G asked police for clarification about making Nir Hefetz state witness

In light of the criticism from the public regarding how Nir Hefetz’s testimony was attained, Mandelblit requested clarification about intrusive questions regarding a woman who was called to testify

Lightning strikes over the Mediterranean sea during a rain storm near the city of Ashkelon
Winter is here: Snow and unusual amounts of rain

The cold weather that started on Friday has gotten more severe, temperatures dropped and rain has started to pour down upon the country.

'Alternative' poverty report: Over 1m. Israeli children living in poverty

A poverty report by the non-profit Latet organization shows that one-quarter of all Israelis are currently living in poverty.

Naftali Bennett visits soldiers-to-be at recruitment base

Giving the new recruits a small speech before they go on their way, Bennett gave the group a few words of advice

David Ben Avraham is treated by a paramedic following his release from jail, while friend Haim Pereg
Palestinian convert to Judaism freed from Hevron jail

David Ben Avraham was beaten and tortured by fellow inmates, who were told of his conversion.

Naama Issachar lawyers to hold press conference discussing her situation

The conference will be held by Avi Himi and will focus on the efforts made so far to have her released from Russia.

Sun penetrating the clouds above the mountains near Chengdu, China. "It looks like Genesis to me," s
With rains returning to Israel, cloud seeding is being renewed

The amount of rain a cloud produces can be increased using a special compound

Luxembourg urges EU to recognize Palestinian state

Israel is reportedly concerned about the initiative, but Israeli and European officials noted that the issue will likely not be discussed during the EU Foreign Affairs Council on Monday.

Nathaniel Felber
Critically injured soldier smiling, communicating 1 year after attack

On Sunday, Nathaniel’s mother Judi Felber told The Jerusalem Post that her son has made good progress since regaining consciousness.

Likud divisions on display in turbulent meeting

Central committee cancels primary for party list; Netanyahu supporters heckle Sa’ar after PM applies Sa’ar will give up West Bank.

A Geminids meteor shower is seen above the mountain range in Nagarkot. 2017
Geminid meteor shower to light up sky over weekend, moon to dim show

Only 10-20 nights every year have showers reaching 20 meteors an hour, so the show is still worth braving the December chill, especially since the Geminids are often bright and intensely colored.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a cabinet meeting, December 2019.
Netanyahu's new campaign pitch: 'I can move US public opinion' – analysis

The prime minister has been singing that tune to conferences around the country – and around the world – for years.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to the media at the Knesset, Israel's parliament, i
Dozens of hi-tech officials ask High Court to fire Netanyahu

The petition runs parallel to one already filed by the Movement for the Quality of Government in Israel to the High Court and an expected future petition by the Labor Party.

Cannabis reform freeze: Court 'irresponsible, demagogic'

Following a petition submitted by the Medical Cannabis Association, the High Court of Justice issued an interim order temporarily freezing reforms to the supply of medical cannabis in Israel.

25 MPs from around the world say nations must protest anti-Jew boycotts

On Monday, the IAF delegation will meet with Blue and White No. 2 Yair Lapid, as well as with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan attends a cabinet meeting, December 2019.
Are Erdan, the court and police uniting on weapons possession sentences?

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said that the state prosecution cuts too many plea bargains regarding weapons possession crimes and that the sentences for the deals are too lenient.

Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh attends a meeting with members of international media in Gazaa
Hamas, PIJ say ceasefire contingent on Israel’s actions

Egyptian sources: "Significant progress made towards achieving long-term ceasefire."

Israel's Foreign Affairs Minister Avigdor Liberman, 2011
Labor leader calls out Liberman for anti-haredi rhetoric in Twitter spat

“If Israel is important to you, stop your disqualifying and hateful rhetoric before a civil war breaks out here," Peretz tweeted to Liberman.

Guatemalan president to Israeli president: Your enemies are my enemies

Rivlin asked Giammattei whether he would also be meeting with the Palestinian leadership during his visit, and the reply was a definite "no."

Deutsch's Olympic dreams in limbo with Shabbat marathon

A late switch in the Olympic schedule, which moved the marathon from Sunday to Saturday will prevent the “Marathon Mom” from competing.

Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Gideon Sa'ar (R)
Netanyahu implies Gideon Sa’ar will withdraw from West Bank

Potential Likud leadership rival Sa’ar attacks back, calls for application of Israeli sovereignty over all Jewish settlements.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a cabinet meeting, December 2019.
Netanyahu: Baghdad attack carried out by Iraqi Shi'ite militias

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the cabinet meeting on Sunday afternoon.

Sheba Medical Center to assist in measles crisis on island of Samoa

The Sheba team will be on site at the tiny island of Samoa for two weeks to help contain the crisis.

Students meet at the Rose Garden in Jerusalem and head towards the Knesset to protest third election
Jerusalem students protest potential third elections on Knesset steps

The Jerusalem Student Council organized the event to “help promote the power of students to influence government decisions,” they said in a statement.

The IDF Search and Rescue Unit takes part in a drill, December 2019.
IDF's Search and Rescue brigade drills for multi-front war

Thousands of troops took part in drill which took place from the Golan Heights to the Negev

Netanyahu insists Jordan Valley annexation discussed with Pompeo

The prime minister also said that if direct elections for PM are initiated, he will win.

Nikki Haley: Canada made a 'deal with the devil'

The former UN ambassador described the monthly Security Council meetings as a "monthly Israel bashing session."

Knife used in an attempted stabbing in Hebron, December 2019.
Two stabbing attacks thwarted at Cave of the Patriarchs

Tensions in the region have risen dramatically since Defense Minister Naftali Bennett announced the funding of a new Jewish neighborhood in Hebron.

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