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Amir Peretz: Netanyahu makes us deal with politics instead of coronavirus

"The prime minister is causing many good people to deal with politics instead of focusing on the coronavirus."

A prostitute in Israel waiting for a client.
Prostitution is now a crime amid coronavirus unemployment wave

Despite having 19 months to prepare, Israel used only 30% of the rehabilitation budget meant to help sex workers out of this line of work.

Protesters in Rabin Square express their anger with Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel Katz.
Thousands of enraged protesters gather in Tel Aviv: 'No more games!'

Politicians were told not to come as thousands gathered in Tel aviv, to warn government not to let them down during COVID-19 financial crisis. Blue and White: ‘Honest, true, justified protest’

Former vice president Joe Biden (Left) and US President Donald Trump (Right)
56% of Israelis prefer Trump over Biden as next US president - poll

Surveyors were asked "from the standpoint of Israel’s interests, which, in your opinion, of the two candidates in the upcoming US presidential elections is preferable—Donald Trump or Joe Biden?"

Israel overtakes Germany as largest importer of medicinal cannabis flower

By July, Israel had imported more than 6 metric tons of cannabis flower into the country, according to Cannabis Magazine editor, Oren Lebovitch.

Wadi al-Joz in east Jerusalem
Panicked Jerusalemites report 'gunshots,' turn out to be fireworks - WATCH

Eight people detained by police in recent days for violations

An Israeli border police officer and Israeli soldier at a temporary "checkpoint" in Jerusalem on Apr
Police rouse 'merciless enforcement,' threaten 'stain in file'

Israel Police's broad enforcement of the emergency regulations came under heavy criticism over the last several weeks amid growing claims of police brutality.

Massive protest expected in Tel Aviv amid economic crisis - report

"The protesters do not intend to be nice," one of the organizers said.

Israel fire and rescue authority selects MDA to develop dispatch system

For over a decade now, MDA has taken to developing many of their EMS technologies in-house, in order to better suit the specific needs of the MDA team.

Arab MK: LGBTQ rights are human rights, Arab community is evolving

"We know well what it means to fight for the most basic of rights."

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem on June 30, 20
Blue and White: Netanyahu is ‘pouring money,’ wants March elections

An unnamed Blue and White official said Netanyahu’s entire plan is intended to buy favor with ultra-Orthodox parties ahead of planned March 2021 elections.

Israel Katz: There will be no change to previous labor agreements

The proposed legislation will curb the independence of the Social Security Agency, to which the Finance Ministry already owns NIS 200 billion.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet meeting on June 28, 2020.
Inside Netanyahu’s NIS 80 b. plan to help Israelis amid mounting debt

Netanyahu said the country shouldn’t fear taking loans to extend unemployment benefits until June 2021, activists cry out “we’re condemned to take on debts we could not repay as long as we live.”

Black Flags demonstrators protesting the arrest of brig.-gen. (res.) Amir Haskel
Protests against public corruption outside PM's residence, roads blocked

Protesters chanted: "This is not an emergency government for combating coronavirus, but a corrupted government for combating its citizens."

Israel Katz (L) whispers to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) during a cabinet meeting
Netanyahu, Katz meet those financially hurt by COVID-19 crisis

The Friday meeting arrives with the public gearing up to a massive protest on Saturday night, “at least in prison I’ll be able to eat” unemployed model confesses in tears.

Absorption Ministry: Aliyah organization can't afford immigration influx

The warning came during a talk discussing budget cuts of Nativ, an independent administrative unit in the Prime Minister's Office that is in charge of determining the eligibility to make aliyah.

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomes Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Elysee Pal
French President Macron urges Netanyahu not to proceed with annexation

Macron warned that it would violate international law and threaten-long term peace efforts.

Two Border Police injured in clashes with Israeli settlers - watch

Border Police arrived in the area to evacuate 30 settlers attempting to build an illegal structure.

Film (illustrative)
In ‘The Tobacconist,’ a young Austrian befriends Freud during WWII

The German-language film with English subtitles will be released July 10 via Kino Lorber, which shares revenue with local theaters.

Sheffi Paz and two other activists graffitied Esther Hayut's home.
Right-wing activists graffitied Supreme Court president's home, arrested

Three right-wnig activists were allegedly arrested after being caught spraying the words, "Hayut you ruined Zionism, the High Court demolished south Tel Aviv" on the Supreme Court president's home.

palestinian tahini tel aviv
Tahini company under fire for supporting LGBTQ+ hotline

The announcement has caused some controversy among store owners, as some called for a boycott against the brand, while others have come out voicing support in it.

How Trump’s annexation plan dismisses three key peacemaking concepts

Israel is waiting for US approval to move forward but has yet to get that green light to annex up to 30% of the West Bank as initially outlined in the Trump plan.

Benjamin Netanyahu announces that if reelected, he will extend Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan V
Have we all forgotten about annexation? - analysis

It wasn’t that long ago, in fact just 10 days back, that the annexation question, or whether Israel would extend its sovereignty to parts of Judea and Samaria, was all the rage.

Yoaz Hendel: Better telecoms, 5G, will soon become a reality in Israel

Minister Yoaz Hendel says Internet infrastructure more important than ever in age of coronavirus.

IDI director says majority of Israel’s unemployed between 30 and 50

“These people should think what it’s like to have your job simply vanish overnight, how hard it is, how would they feel if it would happen to them?”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with Chinese President Xi Jinping, May 9, 2013.
Chinese companies warn cutting projects will hurt ties with Beijing

The Israel Builders Association petitioned the High Court in May, accusing Chinese construction and engineering companies of behaving like a monopoly.

Israel’s Ofek 16 satellite: An eye in the sky over Iran

Satellite spy joins family of reconnaissance devices that constantly monitor threats like Iran and more.

Patience is essential amid the coronavirus pandemic

Israel’s characteristic trait of impatience will need to be curbed to regain its corona advantage.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits next to foreign minister Israel Katz during a cabinet
Netanyahu, Katz reveal NIS 80b. economic relief plan

The prime minister said that he and Katz “overcame almost impossible obstacles” to come to this plan and, “if needed, we will bring even more plans in the future.”

Netanyahu torn between legacies of FDR and Hoover

Can the prime minister take the necessary steps to revive the economy?

Peter Beinart
Peter Beinart supported two-state solution - now he doesn't

In an 6,700-word article published Tuesday Beinart made the case for a binational Jewish-Palestinian state in the area that currently comprises Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

A businessperson working at his computer (Illustrative)
Masa teaching fellows provide 2,500 hours of online study

Some 220 teaching fellows with the Masa Israel Journey organization came to the country last year to teach English in Israeli schools.

Beersheba hands Maccabi Tel Aviv 1st defeat in finale

Israel soccer campaign finishes in dramatic fashion • Coaching merry-go-round to dominate offseason

Education Minister Gallant appoints Col. Amit Edri as new director-general

Since Gallant was appointed education minister, Edri has been leading the Department of Education's strategy for the reopening of schools during the coronavirus outbreak.

From Wisconsin religious student to IDF artillery soldier

"My family does not believe in Aliyah, none of my brothers served in the military and so initially they had some difficulty accepting my choice, it was foreign to them."

How did ancient people in the Carmel cut their steaks 20,000 years ago?

Inhabitants of the site of Neve Daniel on Mount Carmel produced highly effective miniaturized tools.

Two Israelis arrested in Belgrade during anti-lockdown protests

According to local reports, they were arrested while carrying handbags with stones and holding a canister of fuel for the purpose of igniting a fire.

Lapid: Protests over economy in Israel may turn violent

Asked how far Israel was from violent unrest, Lapid said: "Not that far. Not far enough."

SEPHARDI CHIEF Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef
Chief rabbi patronizes women studying halacha, says Reform Judaism is fake

Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef casts aspersions on ability of women to learn advanced Jewish law, accuses women seeking state accreditation for Torah studies of ‘imitating Reform Judaism’

Rutenberg power station in Ashkelon dealing with jellyfish
Thousands of jellyfish, one sea turtle found in Rotenberg Power Station

While the sea turtle managed to make light of the situation, it and the jellyfish pose a real danger to the power plant's operating systems.

Chris Froome
Chris Froome signs with Israel Start-Up Nation cycling team

He intends to sign his long-term contact August 1, and from then on will be riding under the ISN's blue and white until the end of his storied career.

Despite coronavirus, Israeli hi-tech rakes in $5.25 billion in H1

Accompanying the coronavirus pandemic, the IVC notes that the number of "life science" investments are on pace for a record year - following the 70 deals made in the first half.

Yair Netanyahu publicly apologizes to N12 anchor Dana Weiss

The apology comes after Weiss threatened to sue him for his previous comments.

People wearing face masks take a picture with a mobile phone outside Rafik Hariri hospital in Beirut
Israelis use special phone case to avoid Shin Bet's coronavirus tracking

While people are using the cases to avoid Shin Bet tracking, they could unknowingly be infected with the coronavirus, and be out in public when they would have otherwise been in quarantine.

Amihai Grosz: From Berlin with viola

Now first principal viola player of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Jerusalem-born Grosz is a seasoned campaigner.

300 seniors in capital become homeless

For more than six years, since it became clear to all authorities involved that the seniors’ housing solution at the Diplomat Hotel was reaching its end, meeting followed meeting with no solution.

German Jewish poet brought back to life in a new online platform

Else Lasker-Schüler is considered to be one of the greats of German poetry, a bohemian artist who corresponded with many of the most prominent cultural figures of her time.

Buses on a Public transport route in Jerusalem on March 16, 2020.
Grapevine: Coronavirus diary

Staying at home so much in recent months put greater regularity into my eating habits, which in turn affected my sleeping habits. I haven’t slept so well in years.

The huppah - a beloved object of Jewish art

The huppah is considered a symbol of God’s love above the married couple. The traditional huppah features an open sky above acknowledging God as Creator, who infuses marriage with deep spirituality.

Will a spate of dog adoptions during COVID-19 be a fad or lasting passion?

Adopting dogs is a commitment and therefore it is better to be completely sure about being committed to a dog for life before adopting one.

What makes some overcome evil, while others are coopted and destroyed?

In Keep Saying Their Names, Simon Stranger tries to postpone the second death of Hirsch Komissar, his great-grandfather-in-law, a Norwegian Jew murdered by the Gestapo in 1942.

Guy Stern - From the Nazis to military intelligence in World War II

The so-called Ritchie Boys have been celebrated in books and documentaries for their critical contribution to military intelligence during World War II.

Jerusalem city hall in Safra Square
Coronavirus spreads in Jerusalem City Hall

The situation in the city is becoming more worrisome, as within a week, the number of residents who became sick with coronavirus jumped from 662 to 1,416.

Dogs found in illegal enclosure near Haifa, recused by police

The dogs were found neglected in substandard living conditions

A worker from the Jerusalem municipality disinfects a city school. June 3, 2020.
It’s time to face the education challenge – or suffer the consequences

School is not only about the core subjects taught; it is also about social interaction.

Vacationing in Eilat - Part I

Even though I’ve been making a great effort recently to avoid crowded and noisy places, I decided to check out what Israel’s southernmost city has to offer.

Coronavirus: Israelis looking for work in these uncertain times

While many of those who have been let go from their jobs are still receiving unemployment benefits, there are plenty of people who either quit or were fired before the pandemic began.

Shlomo Riskin: The true legal status of Judea-Samaria, the Jordan Valley

An open letter to King Abdullah of Jordan and to Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba of the United Arab Emirates from Efrat's founding rabbi.

The story of the synagogue and the stamp

The synagogue has been featured on postage stamps to note historical events and to demonstrate Israel’s relationship with other countries.

Vienna: A weekend escape

Nosh on schnitzel, brush up on Freud and be dazzled by Beethoven.

Lockdown on some Jerusalem neighborhoods begins in effort to stop coronavirus spread, April 12, 2020
Coronavirus committee considering putting closures on nine cities

Due to the continually increased morbidity rate and the attempt to find the sources of the outbreak, MKs are expected to discuss a new list of cities to go into lockdown tonight.

Beit Hatfutsot previews core exhibition

The new core exhibition will expand the museum’s exploration of Jewish culture, identity and spirituality.

Piris Eliyahu
For Piris Eliyahu, the music is blowing in the wind

“The wind inspires creativity as it blows across the desert.”

As PM’s lawyer quits, Netanyahu’s mentality revealed about who should pay

The crisis hits as Netanyahu has insisted that he should not have to pay much of his own legal fees to defend himself in his bribery trial.

A Black Hawk helicopter (file).
Kochavi's helicopter malfunctions, almost crashes

The pilots managed to reactivate the proper engine when the helicopter was a mere 30 meters from the ground.

Top diamond official to PM: Industry on verge of collapse

The decline in exports between March and May is estimated at over 80%.

A display for a Lee Cooper Kids branch.
Lee Cooper opens branches in Beersheba, Acre

The four new branches were opened with an investment of NIS 2 million.

120,000 years ago inhabitants of Israel created necklaces, scholars say

The researchers also found evidence that the shells were painted with ochre.

Minister of Health Yuli Edelstein speaks during a press conference about the coronavirus COVID-19, a
Yuli Edelstein attends party hours after declaring coronavirus regulations

Organizers claimed that 48 people had attended the celebration.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits next to foreign minister Israel Katz during a cabinet
Katz and Netanyahu fail to present economic plan, despite pledge

The plan was not presented to the public, allegedly because the Finance Ministry is ironing out the delivery mechanism meant to make sure the money would actually get to those who need it most.

Israel's government is out of sync – analysis

Hope for a functional government was overly optimistic.

Amid coronavirus, ambassadors present credentials to Rivlin

Normally, there is a military honor guard of around 40 soldiers from different units. This time there were eight.

Omer Yankelevich
Diaspora minister announces six operative steps

"Many young Jews feel the need to help advance poor sectors in the world. Israel can be where they decide to focus those efforts."

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem on June 30, 20
Will Netanyahu put the breaks on annexation? - analysis

Listening to the debate that has swirled around Israel’s annexation plans, it often doesn’t sound as if the choices are that stark.

A member of the ALEH Negev gardening team tends to the Rhoda Fischer Memorial Garden at ALEH Negev-N
Memorial garden will provide equal employment for special needs people

The memorial garden at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran has been dedicated to Rhoda Fischer.

Israel Police enforce coronavirus regulations in Jerusalem
Knesset committees fight over role of police in coronavirus era

Are abuse of citizen with special needs, others exception or rule?

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit and Likud MK Haim Katz
A-G asks High Court to overturn immunity of Haim Katz

At the time, it appeared that both coalition MKs and even many opposition MKs supported Katz's immunity out of fears that they might be next.

Kochavi: IDF exercise canceled due to budget gaps

The exercise was part of the annual training roster and was supposed to come following numerous lessons gained following 2019 plans.

US Ambassador to Israel meets with Yoav Hendel and Zvi Hauser from Telem
We see eye-to-eye with the Americans on China and 5G - Hendel

“We will do what is good for Israel, and it is good for Israel to be in full cooperation with our greatest ally in the world, the United States,” Hendel added.

El Al plane
El Al flights to Chicago postponed indefinitely

"We still don’t know when we will fly at all," a company official said.

Mai Tannen, a student at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev whose studies were interrupted by the co
Ben-Gurion University launches appeal to save the class of COVID-19

The university is raising a fund to support students in their studies as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Artwork uncovered on mysterious 4,000-year-old structures in the Golan

The dolmen near the kibbutz is the largest one even discovered in the Middle East and its ceiling features 14 tridents carved into the stone.

New research in Israel to transform old buildings into living ecosystems

A discussion with Professor Hadas Mamane ahead of the 2020 Boris Mints Institute Conference

Israel Sinfonietta to perform live concert Saturday night

Internationally-known pianist Asaf Kleinman joins from his home in Austria.

Coalition in crisis - Judicial inquiry commission fails to pass vote

Gantz to Netanyahu: 'Someone who wants to harm democracy instead of saving lives, is hurting Israel's citizens and I will not allow it.'

Wakf re-imposes prayer restrictions at Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Wakf Department also urged worshippers to fully comply with health instructions, particularly regarding wearing face masks, and to use their own prayer carpets.

A Boeing KC-46A Pegasus sits on the tarmac at Boeing facilities at Boeing Field in this aerial photo
Israel asks United States to 'swap' two of their KC46 tankers

Jerusalem wants two tankers by next year instead of 2023

SOME Shuk stores did not survive the lockdown period.
Back in the Shuk like coronavirus never even happened

I’ll be back soon, though.

A drawing of a music note being strangled by a noose
Artists protest closure by questionably using noose image

The protesters were either unaware of or decided to ignore the revived connotations the noose has in the current racial struggles taking place in the United States.

Odiel Malchi and Shana Milstein on the day they got engaged in a hot air balloon in California
New coronavirus restrictions wreak havoc with wedding plans

While some rushed to marry on Tuesday night, when 50 guests were still permitted, others are having a difficult time figuring out what to do.

Malka Leifer, a former Australian school principal who is wanted in Australia on suspicion of sexual
Malka Leifer appeals extradition decision at Supreme Court

Leifer's attorneys stressed that she is in fact mentally unfit to stand trial, pointing to past and new statements by medical professionals.

President Reuven Rivlin attends the Knesset session in which the new government was presented
Rivlin slams gov’t: Did not develop theory to fight coronavirus

Cabinet to declare red zones in nine cities • Gantz enters quarantine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives for a speech at his Jerusalem office, regarding th
Netanyahu's lead lawyer quits over lack of funds

Netanyahu has had a wide array of lawyers in and out of his defense team in recent years.

Canadian MP running for party leader pledges to move embassy to Jerusalem

He noted that doing so is in line with proper Canadian values, adding that he will stand up for Canada's allies - to which he specifically mentioned Israel.

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