Dichter: Hizbullah is in control of Lebanon

Hizbullah is in control of Lebanon, and continues to make problems for Israel, like they did during the Second Lebanon War, Public Security Minister Avi Dicther said following an intelligence briefing during the cabinet meeting. "Hizbullah continues to be in control of Lebanon, without carrying the responsibility of managing the country," Dichter said after he and other ministers were briefed by OC Military Intelligence Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin. "[They] continue to create problems for Israel, like during the Second Lebanon war, and this prevents us from fighting against terror." Dichter also commented on the upcoming visit of Egyptian Intelligence chief Omar Suleiman to Israel, saying that he doubted the official would be successful in efforts to produce a ceasefire, as he has so far failed to keep Palestinians from firing Kassam rockets into the western Negev.