NRP proposes unity with NU

National Religious Party leaders on Sunday announced they plan to change the way the party is run by transferring its management to a steering committee that would serve to unify the four parties currently working together in the National Religious camp - the NRP and the three parties that make up the National Union: Moledet, Tkuma and Ahi, an acronym for Eretz Hevra Yahadut (Land, Society, Judaism). MK Eli Gabai (NU/NRP) blasted attacked the decision, writing a letter to party leaders calling on them to oppose the "antidemocratic" and "irresponsible" proposal. The change was likely to cause greater fractiousness within the party, rather than enabling it to present a unified front, he wrote. The NRP's current leadership committee is elected by the party's 70,000 registered members. According to the proposal, future MK lists would be selected by a steering committee that its proponents, including NRP Chairman Zevulun Orlev, call the "public council."