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This year’s Jerusalem Film Festival offers more life, less politics – and is attracting increased international attention

July 7, 2011 20:45
Amir Harel

Amir Harel_521. (photo credit: Courtesy)

MANY OF THE 11 ISRAELI films debuting at this year’s Jerusalem Film Festival are refreshing and different: In contrast to the tone of many of the productions in recent years, they either downplay or completely avoid political themes.

“Man Without A Cellular” is just such a film. The movie is a humorous satire telling the story of Jawdat, a young Israeli Arab living in a small village, whose attempts to win the hearts of Muslim, Christian and Jewish girls clash with the conservative values of his father. “There was something very fresh and unique in the script that [writer and director] Sameh Zoabi created,” says Amir Harel, a veteran Israeli film producer (“Jellyfish,” “Walk on Water”), who produced the film together with Ayelet Kait of Tel Aviv’s Lama Productions.“You can probably count on one hand the number of comedies that have come out of the Israeli Arab milieu and this story is not only very funny but also tells us many things about Israeli Arab society that we may not know about,” says Harel.


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