Helping hands

A new generation of Israeli entrepreneurs is coming up with ideas based on experiences working in the developing world.

July 22, 2014 15:42
Beit Herut

Nitzan Solan (left) and Moti Cohen of LivingBox at their pilot plant in Beit Herut.. (photo credit: BERNARD DICHEK)

The recently held Pears Challenge competition invited Israeli entrepreneurs to leverage their entrepreneurial and innovative skills to develop technologies and services to help people in the developing world. Sponsored by the Pears Foundation, the competition culminated in Tel Aviv in June when five teams of young entrepreneurs pitched novel ideas for improving the food supply, energy sources and healthcare for some of the world’s poorest people.

The first-place prize of $20,000 was awarded, by a panel of international experts, to a startup called LivingBox, which is developing a product of the same name that enables plant growth without soil.


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