Video: Neshama Carlebach, music and soul

Since the age of 5 Neshama knew she was destined to sing; today she lives in New York, performs around the world, and raises a family.

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Neshama Carlebach Zazl_311
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Like many young movements, Carlebach is a rich well of ideas and paths. It was started by Rabbi Shelomo Carlebach Zaz'l to reintroduce some lost elements of spirituality and universalism into Jewish rituals and thought. Yet while many choose to explore and develop within this broad framework, none are so identified with it as is his daughter Neshama, which literally plays on his life’s song.
Since the age of five, Neshama knew she was destined to sing. However, her grooming for center stage was cut short when her father, rabbi and mentor died of a sudden heart-attack. Today she lives in New York, performs around the world and raises a husband and two sons as the show must go on.
While she’s a habitual name in many Jewish homes, few have had a chance to hear her speak. Walking in the footsteps of her father, she has trusted herself with the mission of taking both his music and his Torah to the next generation. One that not only talks about a woman's place in Judaism, reigniting spirituality in orthodox tradition and reaching out to people of other faith, but actually lives and acts on these values day to day.
Neshama, as her name reveals, is about connecting to the soul, to oneself, one’s nation and the entire world. It seems that when you listen to the music of her soul, as Rav Kok Zaz'l called it, you hear the lucid unity we all are constantly seeking.
Leadel’s Racheli Menshikova met Neshama at her studio in  New York, and brought back some interesting ideas behind this great voice.
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