Netanyahu, Peres, Gantz release New Years greetings

President relays wishes for Jewish people ahead of holiday, PM expresses hope for peace in new year, IDF chief talks security challenges.

President Peres gives New Years greeting 311 (R) (photo credit: (YouTube))
President Peres gives New Years greeting 311 (R)
(photo credit: (YouTube))
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu released a Rosh Hashana greeting on the eve of the Jewish New Year.
"I want to wish all of you a shana tovah from Jerusalem, the eternal united capital of the Jewish people and the Jewish state," said the prime minister in a video release on YouTube.
He thanked all those who had responded to a question he had posted on Facebook asking, "what is your wish for Israel for the New Year," and said "I am so deeply moved by your dedication and may I say your love."
He moved on to speak about peace, politics and the recent United Nations General Assembly where he said he, "extended our hand in peace to the Palestinian Authority president. So far he hasn't responded," he continued, "but we hope maybe in the new year that he will."
He concluded by emphasizing the need for the Palestinians to recognize the Jewish state, adding that "if they do, I think we'll have a very, very good year. Shana tova to all of you". 
President Shimon Peres also released a Rosh Hashana greeting to Diaspora Jewry.
To "our Jewish friends, to our Jewish people," the president said in a video released on YouTube, "my hopes for our future is three."

Firstly, he hoped that the Jewish people "enjoy security and peace."
Secondly, Peres relayed his wish that Jews "be true to our tradition, which is based on the Ten Commandments."
Lastly, the president relayed his desire that the Jewish people "continue to have a leading part in the unbelievable development in science and technology."
With the fulfillment of these wishes, the president said "the year will be a happy year for us, for our neighbors, and for the rest of the world. Shana Tovah."
IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.- Gen. Benny Gantz  also released a message wishing Jews in Israel and the Diaspora a happy new year.