Ahuza residents exasperated over construction work

Residents and shop-owners on Rehov Ahuza are shaking their heads after seeing newly planted flowers and newly laid paving stones being torn up.

December 23, 2007 08:29
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ahuza parking 88 224

ahuza parking 88 224. (photo credit: )

Ra'anana completed renovations to part of its main street just two months ago, but the area has now been dug up once again after someone apparently forgot to allow for electricity lines, reports the Hebrew weekly Ha'ir-Tzomet Hasharon. Residents and store-owners on Rehov Ahuza are shaking their heads in exasperation after seeing newly planted flowers and newly laid paving stones being torn up so that the Israel Electric Corporation can lay underground electrical lines. According to the report, store owners are complaining that their businesses suffered enough during the extensive renovations to the main street earlier this year, and they were just beginning to recover from the disruption when they discovered that digging work was taking place once again. "They widened the sidewalk, planted flowers, put in new lighting... It bothers me that after doing all that work they are now destroying it," one resident said. "It's like performing an operation on someone's stomach and sewing them up, and then having to open them up again because the scissors were left inside. We are talking about Chelm." A municipal spokesman said the new work was being done by the Israel Electric Corporation to place electricity lines underground, and the city was making efforts to "relieve the temporary discomfort being caused to residents."

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