Environment Watch: Green projects get green light

Mayor Nahum Hofree wants to give environment-friendly construction plans preferential treatment.

October 7, 2007 08:07
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Environment Watch: Green projects get green light

bins 224.88. (photo credit: Courtesy, Ramat Hasharon Municipality)

Ra'anana Mayor Nahum Hofree has ordered the city's planning and supervision officials to give preferential treatment to "green" building projects, reports Yediot Hasharon. Hofree sent a letter to the city's Engineering Department stating that projects that meet the national standards for "green" construction should be passed more quickly than other projects, and that the approval time should not exceed two months. According to the report, councillor Eitan Ginzburg advanced the idea to Hofree, saying that the city should act to promote "green" building projects that will improve both the quality of life and the quality of the environment for residents, and use less energy and more recycled materials. The Engineering Department was reportedly supportive of the idea, and plans to present it to the Building Contractors' Union in coming weeks. According to "green building" principles, a structure should consume the minimum possible energy and produce the minimum possible waste, with solar panels on the roof or walls, water from showers being used to irrigate gardens, and recycled materials being used in the construction. The report noted that Ra'anana has made a conscious effort to "go green" recently by placing 450 blue garbage bins for the collection of paper products in homes around the city. Meanwhile, Ramat Hasharon is also "going green" by distributing hundreds of garbage bins to households for the collection of paper products, according to a municipal press release. The release said that every month in Ramat Hasharon, 460 tons of paper are thrown into household garbage bins, comprising 33 percent of the total volume of domestic rubbish. Mayor Itzik Rochberger said he was sure residents would cooperate with the paper recycling project, which was "an additional step in our joint efforts to keep environmental awareness high and to continue to improve the quality of life in Ramat Hasharon."

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