Residents oppose triple tower plans

Residents said that adding 600 extra cars to the street would create heavy traffic problems.

April 22, 2008 13:06
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Residents of Ramat Aviv Gimmel are furious that the city is planning to evacuate several small apartment buildings in Rehov Recanati and replace them with three 30-story towers, reports Yediot Tel Aviv. The residents say the addition of more than 300 apartments to the quiet residential street will severely harm their quality of life, causing overcrowding, traffic congestion and pressure on the education system. According to the report, the plans call for the buildings numbered five to 15 in Rehov Recanati to be torn down and replaced by the towers, which will contain a total of 306 apartments. One apparent reason for the plan is the neglect of some apartments in the existing buildings, and current apartment owners would be given apartments in the new towers. But this reasoning has outraged other residents in the street, who say that neglectful apartment owners should not be rewarded with better housing, especially at the expense of more responsible residents "who take care of their property and their environment." Residents said that adding 600 extra cars to the street would create heavy traffic problems, many neighborhood children would be forced to go to school in areas distant from their homes, and the lack of any open spaces or parkland in the plans would lead to a drastic reduction in the quality of life for all residents. The residents are planning to lodge their objections with the district planning and construction committee. No comment was reported from the municipality.

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