A tale of two Hagars: How an Egyptian Muslim and an Israeli Jew met in Vienna

The story of the Hagars is an interesting case study of some of the challenges participants faced from friends and family.

August 21, 2014 12:14
IDF soldiers

Hagar Haggag (left), from Egypt, and Hagar Levin, from Israel, show their matching name tags at the Muslim Jewish Conference in Vienna last week.. (photo credit: DANIEL SHAKED)

Before Hagar Haggag arrived in Vienna for the fifth annual Muslim Jewish Conference, she had never met a Jew in her life. When she went to check in at the hotel lobby, she was given the key to her room, but the name on the card said “Hagar Levin.”

She asked the staff if it was her name and her roommate’s name together, as she thought Hagar was only a Muslim name.


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