‘Middle Feast’ trucks across America, striking food gold

Tomer Marudi’s trio successfully brings Israeli flavor to the Food Network reality competition, ‘The Great Food Truck Race’.

October 30, 2014 15:38
Middle Feast food truck

(left to right) Tommy Marudi, Hila Marudi and Arkadi Kluger on the blue-and-white food truck, Middle Feast.. (photo credit: COURTESY FOOD NETWORK)

Los Angeles – Deep in the Florida Everglades, chef Tomer “Tommy” Marudi is deep-frying frogs’ legs and getting ready to serve them up to celebrity chef Tyler Florence.

The 32-year-old makes a point of trying to keep kosher as much as possible. However, today he’s going to have to both cook and taste the non-kosher delicacy because he’s part of an American reality television competition called The Great Food Truck Race, hosted by the country’s premiere cooking channel – the Food Network.


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