A welcome shake-up for the civil service

Competition and differential pay benefits the public sector, not just medicine and academia.

August 13, 2012 15:13
Doctors [illustrative]

DO NOT USE - JER REPORT IMAGE. (photo credit: avi katz)

Maybe the Messianic era really is at hand. Ordinary Egyptians are for once not buying anti-Israel conspiracy theories, directing their ire instead at radical Islamists in Sinai and Gaza. The US State Department (!) is protesting the ban on Jewish worship on the Temple Mount. And here in Israel, change is even beginning to creep into our ossified civil service.

One year ago, a new collective wage agreement was signed with public-sector doctors. I can’t remember a signed agreement ever generating as much opposition from union members as this one did. But according to data published by the Israel Medical Association last week, the deal has been a whopping success – if your yardstick is the welfare of the health system as a whole rather than that of a few senior doctors.


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