He who dares paint

The 82-year-old South African-born artist is pulling no punches in the To Expose the Demons – Unshown Works exhibition.

June 26, 2014 10:29
Harold Rubin

Harold Rubin, Untitled. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Artists should, by definition, be a courageous lot, seeking – to paraphrase the stirring words of the intrepid Capt. Kirk of Star Trek – to go where no artist has gone before. It is safe to say that Harold Rubin pertains to the more daring side of his professional fraternity.

The 82-year-old South African-born painter, jazz clarinetist and former architect is certainly pulling no punches in his new To Expose the Demons – Unshown Works exhibition that opened at the Zaritsky Artists House in Tel Aviv on June 19. His paintings feed off a powerful political and social narrative, portraying Rubin’s ethos on matters of a sexual nature too.


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