Field Work: Finding the right pitch

Midfielder Diana Redman is engaged in a constant struggle for recognition – from men on the soccer field, for Israeli sportspeople from teams abroad and, most of all, from her own league.

Diana Redman (photo credit: Oshri Yarimi)
Diana Redman
(photo credit: Oshri Yarimi)
Being a professional women’s soccer player in Israel isn’t easy. In fact, it is near impossible.
It’s not that finding a team is all that difficult, but rather that the word “professional” is quite misleading; top league players are paid an average of NIS 2,000 a month, barely enough to cover expenses. And as if the low pay and general amateurism weren’t frustrating enough, the national players, such as midfielder Diana Redman of Maccabi Holon, also have to endure constant abuse while playing abroad for the country that conveniently overlooks them.