It’s all relative

Etty Lev’s exhibition of paintings ‘Unexpected Encounters’ records her early memories and acts as a sort of family album.

July 5, 2012 14:33
‘At a Crossroads,’ 2012

‘At a Crossroads,’ 2012 521. (photo credit: Courtesy Etty Lev)

You can’t get much more Israeli than artist Etty Lev. Not only is she a Sabra – born, raised in and rooted to the Land of Israel – she is also a member of one of the few Jewish families that never left the land.

Lev is the granddaughter of artist Abraham Zerahya. The Zerahya family was part of a small Jewish farming community that lived in the village of Hatzbaya (now in Lebanon) at the foot of Mount Hermon for more than 2,000 years. They lived there peacefully from the time of the Second Temple and remained there after the Roman conquest, through the Byzantine period, the Arab conquest, the Crusades and the coming of the Ottoman Turks. They lived, farmed and maintained friendly relations with their Druse neighbors, who eventually became predominant in their village.


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