4 die in explosion at Hamas headquarters

IDF says Palestinians fired anti-tank missile at a car; Hamas backs away from blaming IDF for blast.

October 2, 2007 20:46
4 die in explosion at Hamas headquarters

gaza blast 224.88. (photo credit: Channel 10)

Four Hamas police officers were killed and two wounded after sundown Tuesday when a car exploded outside a Hamas security headquarters building in Gaza City, hospital and security officials said. At first Hamas blamed Israel, but later said it was unclear what caused the blast. The car exploded went off on the Gaza beachfront near the Hamas marine police force building. The Hamas-controlled Gaza Interior Ministry released a statement saying the car was hit by an Israeli naval vessel offshore, killing three marine police officers. But later, the Hamas government backed away, releasing a statement saying, "Investigations are still under way to determine what caused the blast, who was behind it and who was killed." The IDF said it was not involved. Witnesses reported gunfire in the area after the blast, indicating an internal clash. Israel's Channel 10 TV quoted Israeli military officials as saying Palestinian militants fired an anti-tank rocket at the car.

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