98 Islamic fighters killed in battle buried in mass grave in Lebanon

October 4, 2007 16:59

Ninety-eight suspected insurgents who died in a three-month battle with Lebanese troops at a Palestinian refugee camp were buried Thursday in a mass grave in the northern city of Tripoli. Officials said the buried insurgents included Palestinians who had not been claimed by their families as well as nationals from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Tunis and Algeria, reflecting the international makeup of Fatah Islam, the al-Qaida inspired group that made its stronghold in the Nahr el-Bared camp outside Tripoli. The Lebanese army battle against Fatah Islam ended on September 2 after a three-month siege that destroyed large parts of Nahr el-Bared. The government has said about 220 fighters and 168 Lebanese soldiers were killed, while Palestinian officials have said 47 Palestinian civilians died. The fighters' bodies were transported by police trucks from the Government Hospital in Tripoli where they had been kept in refrigerators to the nearby Ghurabaa cemetery for burial Thursday.

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