Abbas: Unity gov't still on agenda despite differences

Jordan's King Abdullah warns of "negative repercussions" from Palestinian in-fighting.

October 15, 2006 15:57
Abbas: Unity gov't still on agenda despite differences

fatah.hamas.clash 298.88. (photo credit: AP)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas expressed regret Sunday for continuing differences between Fatah and Hamas, saying there was still a chance for unity talks. "Regretfully, the differences are still there," Abbas said following talks with Jordan's King Abdullah II in the Jordanian capital. "Efforts for forming a national unity government are still present," he said of the prospect of a government that includes both groups. International financial assistance to the Palestinian territories has been virtually cut off because Hamas has refused to renounce violence and recognize Israel. A palace statement said Abdullah and Abbas discussed worsening conditions in the Palestinian territories. It said the monarch reaffirmed that he was using all his influence and channels with the United States and other Western nations to "build international support for the Palestinians and to revive their peacemaking with Israel." The king also repeated his warning to Abbas that inter-Palestinian tensions will have "negative repercussions" on the Palestinian cause. "Time is crucial," Abdullah said.

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