Applying Mrs. Assad's words on Gaza to Homs

A parody video from an anonymous protester splices the Syrian first lady's condemnation of Cast Lead with her husband's brutality.

Syria Asma Assad and Bashar Assad vote 390 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Syria Asma Assad and Bashar Assad vote 390
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Bashar Assad's wife Asma describing the Syrian massacres as "horrific"?  Saying the suffering of the Syrian people at the hand of her husband's brutal regime will have a "long-term effect on life not just in the region, but actually in the global community that we all live in"? 
If it seems unreal that the loyal Syrian first lady would so harshly condemn her husband and his regime - on CNN, no less - it's because it is unreal. The video footage of her words is, in fact, the product of one unknown activist's savvy editing.
Released onto Youtube, the clip of Asma Assad condemning her husband's 11-month crackdown on Syrian rebels is comprised of cleverly spliced footage of her 2009 CNN interview on Israel's Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, set against scenes of graphic, bloody Syrian violence.
The clip's description explains that it aims to show the callous "hypocrisy" of Mrs. Assad's support of her husband, whose regime the UN estimates has killed 7,500 civilians since March, given her harsh condemnations elsewhere.