'Captured' Taliban leader appears on Al-Jazeera

May 29, 2006 02:13

An Afghan Taliban leader appeared Sunday in an interview on the Al-Jazeera Arab satellite channel to prove that he was alive and at large after the Afghan military said it had detained him, a claim the US military said it doubted. Mullah Dadullah, one of the hardline militia's top commanders, boasted in the interview that the Taliban had large forces in Afghanistan and said they received support from Islamic countries and were in contact with insurgents in Iraq. Dadullah is said to be one of the most trusted followers of Taliban leader Mullah Omar. Al-Jazeera reporter Ahmed Zaidan interviewed Dadullah in the southwestern province of Helmand that borders Afghanistan and is next to Kandahar province, a flashpoint for clashes between the Taliban and forces from the US-led coalition.

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