Egypt: Bedouins urge gov't to release detainees

August 13, 2007 16:49

Envoys from several Sinai Bedouin tribes urged the Egyptian government Monday to release detained Bedouins, annul court sentences issued in absentia against many Bedouins and rescind an order to demolish Bedouin homes near the Egypt-Gaza border. Moussa el-Delh, a Bedouin representative told reporters as hundreds of Bedouins attended a meeting in the border area of el-Agra, that the Bedouins expect an explanation from the authorities about the order to evacuating people from their homes close to the border. The government - according to Egyptian media reports - is planning to evict the Bedouin population from a 150 meter (164 yards) land strip to prevent traffickers from digging tunnels to smuggle weapons and people into Gaza.

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