Egypt uncovers smuggling tunnel

Palestinian detained inside the tunnel confesses to smuggling explosives, money and weapons to Gaza.

October 6, 2007 02:13
Egypt uncovers smuggling tunnel

Tunnel Rafah 298.88. (photo credit: AP)

Egyptian authorities discovered a freshly dug tunnel leading under the border to the Gaza Strip and arrested an Egyptian man inside it, a security official said Friday. Moussa el-Mallahi confessed to police that he used the tunnel to smuggle explosives, money and weapons to terrorists on the other side of the border, said the security official on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to give press statements. Authorities decided not to seal the tunnel in hopes of catching more smugglers attempting to use it, the official added. Palestinians frequently smuggle weapons and contraband into the Gaza Strip through tunnels, prompting Israel to complain that Egypt does not do enough to stop the smuggling. Egypt has rejected the allegations but recently said it would make a greater efforts to crack down on the trafficking. In April, Egyptian security forces announced the discovery of two similar tunnels intended for smuggling on the Gaza-Egypt border. Back then, Egyptian security officials said the tunnels were discovered following the arrest of a Palestinian who used one of them to enter Egypt.

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