European Rabbis worried over Mideast Christians

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October 23, 2014 17:47
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Iraqi christians from Mosul

Iraqi christians from Mosul, who fled from violence in their country, rest at the Latin Patriarchate Church in Amman.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

TBILISI, Georgia – European Jewry is worried about the security of the Middle East’s Christian minority, the leader of a rabbinical group said.

According to Moscow-based Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, the president of the Conference of European Rabbis, which just concluded a meeting of its standing committee here, “the romantic support given by widening circles in Europe to continuous terror attacks against Jews by Islamic terrorists directly impacts the resolve of the West to effectively save the millions of Christians living in the Middle East, whose live are endangered by a ever growing radicalized Islamic threat.”

Goldschmidt’s statement on Thursday comes just over a week after the World Jewish Congress held a joint Jewish-Christian gathering in Jerusalem to express support for the beleaguered Christian communities of the region.

Christians in the Middle East, besides those in Israel, are an “endangered species,” Goldschmidt said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post on Thursday, in which he also asserted that “much more should be done to help them [and] to save them” by the Western world.

According to Goldschmidt, part of the problem facing the Middle East’s Christian minority can be traced directly back to the West’s failure to crack down on its citizens fighting with radical Islamic groups in the region.

Goldschmidt said the leadership of the CER, which claims members in some 30 countries, is planning on meeting with the leaders of the European Union about the issue of communal security for Christians as well as Jews, especially regarding the threat posed by Europeans returning home after fighting in Middle East conflicts.

“There have to be measures taken to prevent people from going there, and if people go there they shouldn’t go back,” the rabbi averred.sign up to our newsletter

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