Gallery: Naksa Day protests erupt along country borders

Palestinians, Left-wing activists clash with IDF, police forces along Syrian border, Gaza's Erez crossing, Kalandia border crossing.

Clashes erupted on Sunday on multiple fronts across the country as Palestinian and left-wing activists attempted to breach Israeli-borders as part of "Naksa Day" or 44th commemoration of the 1967 Six-Day War Palestinians see as a "setback" due to the capture of their land.
Hundreds of Palestinian rioters repeatedly tried to infiltrate Israel throughout in two locations on the Israeli-Syrian border, but were rebuffed by an IDF determined to prevent a repeat of 'Nakba' day scenes in which activists spilled into Israeli territory.

Roughly 250 Palestinians demonstrated at the Kalandia Checkpoint in northern Jerusalem. The demonstrators tried to cross into Israel by foot at the checkpoint around noon, and threw rocks, Molotov cocktails, and burning tires at the army and border police forces.