Hamas threatens use of all 'open options'

October 5, 2006 12:12

Hamas on Thursday called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to resume power-sharing talks, threatening to use all "open options" if the deadlock persists. Hamas issued its statement a day after Abbas said the negotiations had collapsed; raising concerns the standoff will lead to more factional fighting in the wake of deadly clashes early in the week. "We remind the president that we have open options to deal with the ongoing crisis, but we prefer the national option, which is in harmony with our national unity," Hamas said. The group also accused Abbas of "dictating" new conditions that have sabotaged efforts to reach a deal. The statement did not elaborate on what options it is considering, but Hamas has several resources at its disposal, including its control of the Palestinian parliament, its legions of supporters or even its thousands of gunmen in confrontations with Abbas. The group has scheduled a massive rally in Gaza City on Friday.

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