Iraqi group prepared to fight US for 'dozen years'

October 9, 2006 21:31

The Islamic Army in Iraq insurgent group is capable of fighting for a dozen years, but isn't opposed to negotiations with the United States, according to an interview posted Monday on an Islamic Web site. The audio interview purportedly is with the group's spokesman Ibrahim al-Shammari. Its authenticity could not be confirmed, but the site it was posted on is known for its access to militant groups. "The Islamic Army in Iraq will be able to stand for more than the next 12 years fighting the enemies of God, until they are defeated," al-Shammari said, according to the interview. However, "truce and peace talks are our religious duty," he said, according to the interview. "We are ready for any kind of negotiations, public or discreet, or even through intermediates." The Islamic Army in Iraq is believed to include former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party, his intelligence service and former army officers.

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