Iraqi officials say US raid kills 10 civilians, wounds 12

September 28, 2007 13:04

Iraqi police and witnesses said US troops backed by helicopter gunships raided an apartment building in a primarily Sunni neighborhood in southern Baghdad on Friday, killing 10 civilians and wounding 12. The US military said it was checking into the report. An unknown number of people also were detained after the 2 a.m. incident in the Sihha district in Dora where clashes took place between US helicopters and gunmen, said a police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information. Shaheed Abdul-Al, a 42-year-old metal worker who lives in the area, said his family was awakened by the sound of helicopters, heavy gunfire and bombing. "We saw a big spark of light with bombing sounds come from the direction of the (targeted) building," he said. "We were horrified and still awake at sunrise."

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