Jordanian Al-Qaida suspect: I killed an 'apostate'

September 20, 2006 16:15

An al-Qaida suspect jailed in Jordan pleaded innocent to terror charges Wednesday, but lashed out at Jews, Christians and moderate Arabs and confessed to killing a truck driver he called "a nonbeliever, a Jordanian apostate." Ziad Khalaf Raja al-Karbouly is accused of leading a 14-member terror cell that plotted to stop trucks with Jordanian license plates on roads in Iraq and kill their passengers. His 13 co-defendants - believed to be hiding in Iraq - are being tried in absentia. The 14 men - all Iraqis - are also charged with belonging to al-Qaida in Iraq and with possession of rockets. If convicted, they could face the death penalty. Al-Karbouly also shouted insults out into the courtroom, accusing moderate Arab leaders of being "servants" to Jews and US President George W. Bush, who he said have "declared war on Islam."

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