Lebanese MP slams Nassrallah's blame of Israel for political assassinations

October 6, 2007 18:30

One of Lebanon's anti-Syrian ministers slammed Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah on Saturday for a speech the previous day in which he said that Israel was responsible for the political assassinations in Lebanon. "In the speech, Hassan Nasrallah, the opposition leader, turned into the failed defense attorney for the Syrians in Lebanon," Minister Ahmed Fatfat told Shark Radio . Fatfat said that while Israel would "never be absolved of its crimes, the Syrian regime will never be absolved of its responsibility for crimes committed in Lebanon over the last 30 years. "If Hassan Nasrallah has proofs of Israel's responsibility for political assassinations, as he claimed yesterday in his speech, he should present them," continued Fatfat.

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