Nasrallah: Israel behind political assassinations in Lebanon

Nasrallah: Israel "based on occupation, murder, theft," calls on Arab nations to use military force.

October 5, 2007 21:56
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Nasrallah: Israel behind political assassinations in Lebanon

hizb demo al quds. (photo credit: AP)

Israel wants to take control of the Middle East and drag the region into war, Hizbullah spiritual leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said Friday evening. Nasrallah spoke in honor of Al-Quds Day, celebrated on the last Friday of the Ramadan fast, on which Muslims worldwide express support for the Palestinians and the importance of Jerusalem to Islam. "Israel is an entity that steals other's land," Nasrallah said in his speech, which was broadcast on giant screens in the Hizbullah-controlled areas of southern Beirut. The Hizbullah leader also criticized Arab nations for failing to help the Palestinians and said he hoped they would use military force against Israel. Nasrallah also called the "Palestinian 'occupation' one of the [world's] biggest disasters." "The Zionists arrived and established gangs. Supported by the British and many [other] nations, they moved onto Palestinian land. Their country is based on occupation, murder, and theft," Nasrallah said. Nasrallah added that recent and past attacks against members of Lebanon's anti-Syrian parliamentary majority have automatically drawn condemnation from that coalition against Damascus, Hizbullah's ally, and that was the reaction the killers expected. "The hand that is killing is Israel's," he told his supporters. "Israel has a sure interest in the assassinations, because its project is sedition ... Israel wants the resistance (Hizbullah) to be dragged into internal strife and fighting to weaken and exhaust it," he said. "It (Israel) is the prime beneficiary of any internal strife in Lebanon." The Hizbullah leader also has words about Israel's September 6 air strike on an unidentified Syrian facility. "Israel talks about peace but is preparing for war. The purpose of Israel's entry into Syria was to damage Syria's position ahead of the [US-sponsored Middle East parley] in November," Nasrallah declared. "[US President George W.] Bush's plan is war, not peace, as in Iraq and Lebanon," he added.

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