Sunni cleric refuses to sit with Jews

Yousuf al-Qaradawi boycotts interfaith conference in Qatar because of the presence of Jewish participants.

April 24, 2013 05:07
Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood

Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi 311. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Yousuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most important Sunni clerics in the world, boycotted an interfaith conference hosted by the International Union of Muslim Scholars in Doha, Qatar, on Tuesday because of the presence of Jewish participants, according to the country’s Al Arab daily.

“I decided not to participate so I would not sit with Jews on the same platform as long as they are raping Palestine and destroying mosques, and as long as the Palestinian issue has not been resolved,” said Qaradawi, who is the chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars.

He went on to state that he was following Allah’s words “not to argue with the People of the Book [Jews and Christians],” and added, “There is nothing more unjust than what the Jews have done to our people in Palestine.”

The Muslim Brotherhood greatly respects Qaradawi’s opinions. He is also known for his show on Al Jazeera called Sharia and Life and his website IslamOnline.

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