Syrian president denies working against stability in Iraq

September 7, 2007 17:50

Syria's president has denied in an interview with CBS anchor Katie Couric that his government is allowing terrorists entry into Iraq, claiming a stable and democratic neighbor is in his country's interest. Bashar Assad's comments conflicted with repeated US accusations that Syria is not doing enough to stem the flow of militants across its border with Iraq. "If we have chaos in Iraq, this means we work against our interests, so we do our best to control our border; first of all for the Syrians, second for the Iraqis, third for the region," Assad told Couric on Thursday during her visit to the presidential palace in Syria's capital, Damascus. Assad said he supported the establishment of a stable democratic Iraqi government, but argued the US was failing in this endeavor. "There's no serious political process supported by the Americans so far," he said. "It's getting worse every day."

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