Syrians look to IDF site for safety guidance

New Home Front Command site in Arabic attracts viewers from all over the Arab world who want to know how to react during a state of emergency.

September 24, 2007 23:27
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Syrians look to IDF site for safety guidance

Homefront command site . (photo credit: Courtesy)

The IDF Home Front Command's newly-launched Web site received some unexpected visitors on Monday after Al Jazeera referred Syrian citizens to the site ahead of a planned emergency drill in their country. According to the cable news station, Syria was planning to sound air-raid alarms throughout the country on Monday to help prepare for a state of emergency, including the possibility of a war with Israel. During the news segment, the presenter referred Syrian citizens to the IDF Home Front Command's (HFC) new Web site in Arabic that was launched over the weekend. HFC's new site ( - was developed following the Second Lebanon War by Lt.-Col. Ariella Ben-Avraham, the command's new Chief Information Officer. The site is highly advanced and supports high-quality video features as well in-depth explanations on how to respond during a state of emergency - whether an earthquake or a missile attack. Along with the Arabic site, the HFC also launched an English version, accessible at the same address. On Monday, 2,135 people visited the site, mostly the English version. Ben-Avraham said that during a war, the Web site will provide real-time updates on cities under missile attack. "Our job is to provide the public with instructions on how to behave during a state of emergency," Ben-Avraham said Monday. "The Web site is meant to do just that by reaching every home with internet access and a computer." Ben-Avraham, who until half a year ago served in the IDF Spokesperson's Office, said that during the war the HFC's old site crashed due to the large number of visitors. The new site's servers are provided by a civilian company and are expected to be able to maintain the heavy traffic expected during a war.

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