Three Lebanese 'spies' sentenced to death

Men found guilty of passing intelligence to Israel; two of the accused fled the country in anticipation of their fates.

November 2, 2010 09:58
LEBANESE ARMY snipers had advance notice

lebanese sniper58. (photo credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS)

The Lebanese Military Court on Monday handed down death sentences to three Lebanese citizens who were found guilty of spying for Israel.

The three were convicted of passing on information to Israel which helped the IDF attack Lebanese targets during the second Lebanese war. They are the latest in a number of recent prosecutions for similar charges.

Report: Lebanon asks Interpol to catch Mossad 'spy'
'Spy cell' cooperating with Israel detained by Lebanese

According to reports, two of the three men had fled the country in anticipation of their sentencing, and are now being sought by Lebanese authorities.

The third man was in court, and reportedly admitted to cooperating with Israel over a period of ten years until 2009.

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