Beersheba rocket victim Yossi Shusan buried in Ofakim

Thousands mourn victim of Grad attack who leaves behind wife in ninth month of pregnancy.

Shushan funeral 311 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Shushan funeral 311
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
In her ninth month of pregnancy, and overcome with grief, Lilach Shushan watched her husband Yossi’s funeral from a stretcher in the small Ofakim Cemetery on Sunday.
Unable to stand, she lay there, as relatives and friends placed a cloth on her head and held her hands.
“How could they take Yossi from me?,” she called out, between sobs. “Who will be with me at the birth? Who will take our daughter to first grade?” she asked those around her.
Her husband was killed on Saturday night by a Grad missile at around 9 p.m. He had been at home in Ofakim when he heard that missiles were falling and went to Beersheba out of concern for his wife, who was visiting her brother in that city.
A piece of shrapnel hit him in the head as he left his car to race for safety after a warning siren rang out.
Thousands of mourners crowded into the small Ofakim cemetery to bid farewell to Shusan, who had been a coach in HaPoel’s youth team in Beersheba.
Those who eulogized him spoke of his love for his two small girls, his excitement over the anticipated birth of a son and his sorrow over the loss of his mother earlier this year.
At the start of the funeral, and at the end, Shusan’s overwrought relatives called out his name repeatedly.
They shouted so loudly that their voices could still be heard outside the cemetery as mourners walked away.
The Minister of Culture and Sports, Limor Livnat, said that Shusan had worried so much about his wife, that his concern cost him his life.
“You loved and were beloved,” she said. Yossi was taken from them by “murderers” – people who only had “hatred of Jews” in their hearts,” said Livnat.
She promised that Israel would hit back with all its might at those who killed him.
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