Daniel Maoz takes witness stand, denies murder

Admitting to severe gambling addiction, Daniel rejects accusation that he murdered parents and accuses his twin brother.

May 14, 2012 16:33
Daniel Maoz takes witness stand

Daniel Maoz takes witness stand 370. (photo credit: MELANIE LIDMAN)

Daniel Maoz, the 28-year-old lawyer suspected of murdering his parents in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot last August, took the witness stand for the first time on Monday in the Jerusalem District Court and continued to proclaim that his twin brother, Nir Maoz, is responsible for the murders.

Maoz was arrested a month after the murders and has spent the last six months in prison. State prosecutors have built a strong case against him, including the fact that he had a gambling addiction and was hundreds of thousands of shekels in debt, an addiction Maoz confirmed on Monday.

Additionally, he showed up at a friend’s apartment to gamble the night of the murders disheveled, nervous and in blood-spattered clothes.