Histadrut chair: We'll 'react' to Trajtenberg proposals

Labor Federation will take action if committee's recommendations unsatisfactory, solutions must address lower class, Ofer Eini says.

hisdadrut 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
hisdadrut 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Histadrut Nataional Labor Federation will "react accordingly" if the Trajtenberg Committee recommendations are not satisfactory, chairman Ofer Eini said on Sunday at a ceremony for the federation's pensioners.
"And when I say react, the wise will understand my hint," he warned.
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Eini said that he would wait for the publication of the recommendations later this week, as "there are a lot of leaks from the committee, but I don't rely on them because leaks are naturally [the work] of one interest or another."

"They say it is the protest of the middle class, but it's also of the lower class," he continued. "The recommendations will not provide an answer to the protest" if they don't deal with housing, the lower class and pensioners.
The 14-member Trajtenberg Committee is set to present its recommendations to the government later this week on how to lessen the financial burden of Israeli citizens.
Nadav Shemer contributed to this article.
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