Jordan allows Hamas leader to visit ailing mother

Mashaal allowed to enter Jordan more than a decade after he was deported from country; in 2009 he he briefly visited his dying father.

Mashaal (photo credit: Archives)
(photo credit: Archives)
AMMAN - Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal has been allowed into Jordan to visit his sick mother more than a decade after he was deported from the country, officials said on Thursday.
It was Mashaal's second visit to Jordan since a crackdown in 1999, when the Amman offices of Hamas were closed and its top leaders were expelled for conducting illegal activities. He has set up home in Damascus since 2001.
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Mashaal was permitted to visit his dying father in Amman briefly in 2009. His father's funeral turned into a show of support for Hamas.
Hamas has many supporters in Palestinian camps in Jordan, which hosts the largest number of refugees outside the West Bank and Gaza.