Maoz indicted for killing parents, destroying evidence

Prosecutors request remand extension until the end of legal proceedings; detail their allegations of how Maoz stabbed his parents to death.

Lawyer Ariel Atari speaks to Daniel Maoz in court  311 (photo credit: MELANIE LIDMAN)
Lawyer Ariel Atari speaks to Daniel Maoz in court 311
(photo credit: MELANIE LIDMAN)
Prosecutors filed an indictment Tuesday morning in Jerusalem District Court against Daniel Maoz for the murder of his parents. He was also charged with destroying evidence.
Prosecutors asked the court to extend Maoz's remand until the end of legal proceedings against him.
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According to the indictment, Daniel arrived at his parent’s home on a Saturday evening, and watched television with his father while his mother prepared for bed. Sometime shortly before 11 p.m., he got into an argument with his father and allegedly began stabbing him with a knife from the kitchen.
His mother came into the room to help, and he also stabbed her to death, the indictment alleged.

Neighbors heard screams and shouts of “he’s murdering me!” but did not notify police. Police called the actions of the neighbors “regrettable.”

Daniel then returned to Tel Aviv and performed a variety of errands, including getting gas, taking money out of an ATM and visiting some of his gambling friends in an apartment in the city.

His friends told police Daniel was acting very strangely, asking suspicious questions about whether authorities could track people’s whereabouts using cellphones, and was disheveled with spots of blood on his shirt and a knife wound on his hand.

Police said Daniel then returned to his parents’ apartment in Jerusalem and tried to clean up the crime scene.

As police questioned Daniel, he changed his original story and told police he had been in the house at the time of the killings and tried to fight the attacker but had frozen in fear and did not notify police, worried that they would assume he was the murderer.

“They were a normal family, and supportive parents,” said Asher Lizmi, the head of special investigations for Jerusalem Police.