PMO: 'Mistreated' caregiver was negligent in her duties

Statement claims Kumari was not attentive to needs of Sara Netanyahu's father, was responsible for injury resulting from argument with employer.

Netanyahu in Moscow 311 (photo credit: GPO / Amos Ben Gershom)
Netanyahu in Moscow 311
(photo credit: GPO / Amos Ben Gershom)
Tara Kumari, the Nepalese caregiver hired to care for Sara Netanyahu's father, was fired from her position, announced the Prime Minister's Office Wednesday evening.
Kumari was negligent in her duties, according to a statement released by
the Prime Minister’s Office Wednesday afternoon.
The statement cited the accounts of two anonymous witnesses to Kumari's behavior. One,  a close friend of the Netanyahu family, claimed to have taken care of Shmuel Ben-Artzi, 96, two months ago during a visit when he noticed that Kumari was not attentive to the elderly man's needs. He also said that Kumari did not keep Ben-Artzi's quarters clean, and did not completely cooperate with hospital staff when he was hospitalized two months ago.
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The PMO security commander also contributed to the report, explaining the details of what happened during a recent incident in which Kumari was injured in her hand. Kumari began to hysterically hurt herself after Sara Netanyahu made a remark to her, he said. Netanyahu, standing at least a meter from the woman, then began to yell for security.
According to a Channel 2 report, Sara had suspected the caregiver of neglect and stealing money from her father. The report said that a fierce argument broke out between the two, during which Kumari fell and hurt her hand on a table, after which a doctor was called.
Kumari, who has been with Ben- Artzi for more than two years, charged in the Channel 2 report that Netanyahu didn’t feed her, cursed at her and didn’t give her vacation time. She has reportedly hired a lawyer.
The Prime Minister’s Office quickly issued a response saying the true story was “completely opposite” of what was reported.

According to the statement, the complaints registered by the worker were without foundation, and made only after it became known to her that the agency employing her was asked to find a replacement because she was negligent in her treatment of Ben-Artzi for a number of months.

“When it became known to her that she was about to be fired – something that could lead to her being deported from the country – she made up the story, and now there is a cynical and unworthy campaign against the Netanyahu family,” the statement said.