Pedophile suspect arrested after TV news revelations

Channel 1 investigative reporter finds convicted sex felon with Facebook page turning to minors.

Following revelations on Channel 1 television's "Mabat" news program, Israel Police arrested suspected pedophile Oren Corrido on Friday.
Corrido's remand hearing was scheduled to be held on Saturday evening.
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Corrido, a convicted pedophile and sex criminal, has been accused of meeting with minors through the internet, convincing them to meet him, and attempting to engage in sexual relations with them.
According to the Channel 1 report, Corrido opened up a page on the social networking website, Facebook, under a false name. Through the Facebook page, Corrido was in contact with some 50 children between the ages of eight and 16.
An investigative reporter posed as a 15-year-old boy and set up a meeting with Corrido to be held in Haifa.
When Corrido learned the meeting was being filmed he attacked the film crew physically.