Tsanani to remain in detention pending urgent report

Michael Hazan also has remand extended after indictments filed against him and "Margol" for extortion against singer's manager, Assaf Atadegi. .

Margalit Tzanani in court311 (photo credit: Yossi Zeliger)
Margalit Tzanani in court311
(photo credit: Yossi Zeliger)
Following the filing of an indictment against her on Monday, the Tel Aviv District Court ruled that Margalit Tsanani is to remain in detention, pending an urgent report by the probation service regarding whether she can be released to house arrest.
Tel Aviv District Prosecutor's Office filed an indictment in the Tel Aviv District Court on Sunday morning against Tsanani and Michael Hazan on charges of extortion and conspiracy.
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State attorney Guy Goren said that while Tsanani did not pose any specific threat to the public, she is accused of having close connections with senior underworld figures.
"Since [Tsanani] is connected with two senior criminal leaders in Israel, she spoke with them, and cooperated with at least one of them to get him to make his presence known in the heart of the Israeli entertainment business, I could not agree to release her to house arrest," Goren told the court.
Her co-defendant, Michael Hazan, will also remain in detention.
Goren said the indictment shows that Hazan, who has a criminal record, poses a "clear danger" to the public and requested he remain in detention for the duration of the trial.
Judge Zvi Gurfinkel also issued an injunction banning the publication of any investigation material outside of that discussed in open court.
Police suspect that Tsanani asked mobsters to extort an unpaid debt from her manager, Assaf Atadegi.
According to the indictment, Tsanani and Hazan acted jointly and committed extortion against Tsanani's manager, Assaf Atadegi, following a dispute that arose between the singer and Atadegi.
Using threats, they forced Atadegi to accede to their various demands.