'We have one dream, to see our son come home'

Gilad Schalit's father releases YouTube clip to mark son's 25th birthday, calls on free world to help with release "before its too late."

Noam Schalit 311 R (photo credit: REUTERS)
Noam Schalit 311 R
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Noam Schalit, the father of IDF captive solider Gilad Schalit, released a YouTube video on Sunday to mark the 25th birthday of his son, who has been held by Hamas since 2006.
The video titled "Gilad Schalit's Father Pleads for Gilad's Release" was released in conjunction with the Stand With Us movement which helps fight for the captive soldier's release.
In the video, which shows pictures of Gilad as a baby and throughout his childhood, Noam says that for five long years he and his wife have had one dream - "To see our son come home."
"He will be 25 years old and we ask that all the people of the free world to help us to free Gilad before it will be too late," Gilad's father says.
Hundreds gather at Schalit tent ahead of 25th birthday
Hundreds gather at Gaza border for Schalit's birthday
Noam goes on to say that his son has no basic human rights and Hamas leaders continue ignoring all the calls from the international community for his son's immediate and unconditional release.
"We, Gilad's family and friends miss him very much," Noam says in the clip.
The final photograph shown is of Schalit reading a message while in Hamas captivity from 2009. "This must not be the last picture of Gilad. We must bring Gilad back home," is displayed across the screen after the picture of the captured soldier fades.