10 Most Expensive Red Wines You Can Buy Right Now On Amazon

Red wine is a popular type of wine that is sold all over the world. Having a glass of red wine a day is actually good for your heart!

red wines (photo credit: PR)
red wines
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Did you ever go to a restaurant or out to eat and have such an amazing red wine but didn't know where to buy it? Here is a list of some of the most decadent, expensive red wines that you can buy right online. Enjoy having a night in with your loved ones and share some beautiful, tasty red wines to savor with your food. Astonish your guests with this collection of wines, and have them asking you where to got them from. Nothing is better than making a wonderful meal and having a bottle of wine to end off the night; simply the cherry on top.

1. 2003 Latour Bordeaux: $3,073.50, Amazon


Containing a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot, this wine has an intense aroma of blackberry, licorice, currant, and minerals. It is very beautiful and well refined, which gives it a long finish. It is very rich in color and has low acidity, but it is also very sweet and utterly seamless. Having a palate caressing texture of liquid velvet, this wine leans more toward a sexy type of feel, rather than an intellectual feel. Sliced black truffles, sweet leather, chocolate, and mint, make this wine rich and intense inside your mouth. If you want something delightful and smooth to drink, this just might be the perfect wine for you.

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2. Hedges Family Estate - "First Three Vintages": $2,250, Amazon

"Our goal is to treat our wines with reverence and let the Red Mountain terroir" - the explanation of wine and culture - "speak for itself," is this company's motto. Hedges Family Estate started in July of 1976, when Tom Hedges and Anne-Marie Liégeois married. In 1986, this lovely couple started an export business of wine that they made from their estate! Not only are the grapes hand-picked and grown right there, the wine is genuine and displays dense color, firm tannins and, well defined acidity. This wine is suitable for drinking upon receiving, but for those who wait for it to age, there is definitely a rewarding taste to it. Enjoy something that is classic in style and is truly from the first three vintage wines that this family has produced.

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3. 2000 Chateau Latour Pauillac: $1,499, Amazon

This wine is impressive in its deep, dark color and has a powerful, balanced structure. Having such unique qualities of the tannins, this may be similar to those that are vintage. The stability of the wine combines class, accuracy, complexity, and considerable finesse in the fruit. Wanting a wine that electrifies every taste bud in your mouth? Then this is for you. Not only does this delicious wine contain aromas of crushed currants, minerals, roses, and lilacs, it is also full bodied and has a stunningly silky finish that lasts for minutes. 

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4. 2003 Lafite-Rothschild Bordeaux: $2,479.50, Amazon

Full-bodied, with subtle aromas of berries, licorice, cassis, cherry, tobacco, mocha coffee, and a complicating element of dried oregano and thyme, this wine is well integrated. It's wonderful length and finesse make it one of the most astonishing figures given its vintage conditions. Being a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot, this classic has such a rich wonderful red-ruby type of purity. If you are looking for a wine that is immensely powerful, with flavors of black figs, dates, and cocoa, this vibrant wine is for you.

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5. 1991 Vogue Musigny Burgundy: $1,737, Amazon


If you want a bottle of wine that is pure delicacy, then this wine is right for you. It is simply outstanding with a wonderful smell of exotic spices. While it is subtle, it is also seductive with its smoky hints of warm and pure flavors. The superb depth and length of nicely integrated spicy oak, anise, currant, and blackberry give it a wonderful finish of velvet and flavors that seemingly goes on forever. The saturated but dense purple color is wonderful because it is powerful, concentrated, and marvelously clean and pure. This impressively endowed red burgundy exhibits structure, as well as a squeaky clean, international style. Very exquisite! 

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6. 2002 Vogue Musigny Burgundy: $2,012, Amazon

The aroma of this wine will give you such a mouth watering feel. The spices, chocolate, and cherries are such a giveaway to the dried flowers and subtle smells. This wine has a very intense and pure richness that is very light at its touch and is very young but extraordinary. It is a great deep dark cherry red that is balanced well between acid and tannins. This wine is made for those who want something aromatically significant and who enjoy drinking something light on the tongue yet tastes better as it ages.

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7. 2010 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac Bordeaux: $1,250, Amazon

Almost dark and fine in concentrated color, this stunning wine is gorgeous, fancy, and compact. A wine that is presented with good structure and well-defined tannins, is so elegant with excellent balance. Solid and long lingering, it is beautiful with a strong sense of its own importance. Ethereal blackberry, currant, cedar, nutty flavors, and dried flowers are just some of the wonderful aromas you get from this wine. The great finish is long and harmonious. This is definitely a wine to use on a lovely evening with family and friends.

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8. 2011 Chateau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac Bordeaux: $1,250, Amazon

Showing lots of lavish aromas of ripe fruits, light toasted oak, walnut, and dried meat, this full-bodied wine has it all. Wanting something light and very easy on the tongue, yet leaves a long taste? This wine is really amazing. With chewy tannins and plenty of fruit, this is a muscular and solid wine. Delivering a gorgeously pure beam of cassis and cherry compote, singed apple wood, and graphite, this long and polished wine shows serious depth in reserve. 

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9. 2000 Cheval Blanc, Bordeaux: $1,098, Amazon

Giving a refreshing smell of rich and complex bouquet of spices, vanilla, coconut, and ripe raspberries, this wine is just exquisite in color and silky tannins. It has a crisp and clean taste that leaves a feeling of longevity on your tongue. Being a blend of 53 percent Merlot and 47 percent Cabernet Franc, the wine has a sweet aroma of menthol, licorice, boysenberry, blueberry, and cassis. Coming in thick with layered texture and compelling purity, this wine is great for those who adore something with complex aromatics and that has a subtle yet elegant richness to it. 

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10. 2010 Chateau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac Bordeaux: $999, Amazon

Being 94 percent Cabernet Sauvignon and 6 percent Merlot, this wine is beautifully long-lasting and tastes better after it ages for a while. It is pure magic with its incredible aromas of blackberries, light spices, currants, and tiny hints of hazelnut. With super velvety tannins, it is full-bodied and gives one of the finest wine experiences ever. If you want a wine that is deep and dark in color, as if it has just come out of the barrel, then this is for you. This wine has a miraculous aroma that will astonish you with its elegant stature, rich flavors, and magnificent performance. 

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Some of the finest wines are hard to find, but most of them have made this list. Buy a bottle of fine wine, dine in with some guests, and leave them in awe of your beautiful, but elegant taste. Decadent and light on the tongue, most of these wines will leave you with some type of feeling and enjoying the night no matter what.

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