As the Jewish people light the Hanukkah candles, the memory of the past triumph of the spirit gives strength for the present and hope fur the future.  The candlelight symbolizes the human spirit's connection to the divine, while the candles and their holders, made of physical matter, symbolize man's connection to reality.   The design of the Hanukkah menorah has been a source of creativity throughout the generations, allowing endless interpretations with both traditional and modern materials and ideas.
Emanuel Hand Painted Metal Hanukkah Menorah – traditional design                        Landmark Hanukkah Menorah, Israeli Judaica by Shraga Landesman                     Sterling Silver Hanukkah Menorah, Rounded arms and Oil Chalice - Hadad      

 Israel Catalog has put together a fascinating and varied collection of Menorahs, suitable for every taste and budget.  These high quality Menorahs were lovingly made by some of Israel's top Judaica artists, and include replicas of ancient Menorahs, sterling silver Menorahs, and innovative modern designs.

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Israel Museum brings you brass replicas of European Menorahs which could easily connect you to ancestors who may have used similar menorahs, passing them on from generation to generation.

Hadad Bros. of Israel has meticulously continued time honored and exacting craft of creating sterling silver Judaica.  With their Menorahs you will be buying an heirloom which will last for generations, whether you choose a traditional Menorah, or a stunningly executed modern design.

Orna Cohen-Boteach of Alim (literally "leaves") studio, uses natural shapes like rocks, leaves and flowers to fashion unique designs of Chanukkiot , in copper, aluminum, brass and pewter.  Her masterful craftsmanship also offers unique interpretations in aluminum of the classical Menorah shape.

Yair Emanuel's Hanukkah Menorahs are both exquisite and extraordinary. Be it a classical Hanukkah Menorah, an accordion Menorah, a dreidel Menorah, or a unique Travel Menorah, all are hand-drawn on wood and aluminum, and coated to make all menorahs usable and washable. In addition, Yair offers polished aluminum Menorahs, both in the wave shape, as well as ones which include the candle storage as an integral part of the Menorah.

Shraga Landesman's spiritual sources are the Bible and the ancient cultures of the Middle East region.  His Hanukkah Menorahs in cast aluminum or brass depict scenes which you might find on ancient cave drawings, bringing delight to the candle lighting ceremonies of Hanukkah.  One of the Menorahs – the triangle Menorah, actually folds flat for easy storage.

Shahar Peleg of Peleg studio has created an unusual Menorah whose base is perfectly flat.  However, once its candles are lit, the light reflects on a vertical rounded surface, giving a beautiful shimmering image of an upright classical Menorah.

Marina Zlochin of the Joy art gallery has created several whimsical Chanukkiot   with a story, in laser cut painted metal:  The Balcony Chanukkia depicts the neighbors in a 3 story building; the Birds Hanukkia is a beautifully flowing tree, home to many colorful birds, with a girl swinging among the branches; the Palm Tree Menorah depicts a homely scene of a man coming home to his woman, with the house in the background, all set among palm trees.  

A Hanukkah Menorah makes an absolutely awesome gift either to yourself or to your loved ones.  Many people have a custom of allowing each person in the family to light a Menorah – so celebrate in style by making sure that every one has their own!.  Of course, these high quality Menorahs offered by Israel Catalog will make a great addition to any Judaica collection.

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