5 Best Coin Counter Machines For 2019

Small businesses and homes have specific needs, and coin counters can fulfill these needs. Read this general overview for some of 2019's best coin counting machines.

Coin counter (photo credit: PR)
Coin counter
(photo credit: PR)
An individual could spend hours counting if they made enough transactions to generate a lot of coins. But a coin counter will serve as a more efficient method than all of that manpower. The best coin counting machines are those that most efficiently, simply, and conveniently accomplish the task without placing a heavy burden on the consumers' shoulders. But how precise are they? Is there a margin of error? What are the capacities? Any assessment of the best coin counter will need to answer these questions. 

1 - Royal Sovereign Manual Coin Sorter QS-1; $23:11; Amazon.

The QS-1 allows the user to pour up to 200 loose coins into the machine and will sort 156 per minute. By purchasing the coin wrappers with the machine, wrapping the coins becomes just a matter of slipping the wrapper inside of the machine and tapping it a little. If you plan to transport it for business often or if you are worrying about where you could store it, the QS-1 has you covered. Since it weighs in at less than three pounds, transporting the machine is very easy. Customers also say that it is very compact, fitting a lot of technology in such a small space, making storage that much easier. Consider viewing the 

2 - Royal Sovereign FS-44P 4 Row Coin Sorter; $112.88; Amazon

Developers have merged state of the art technology with a sleek and attractive physique, which combine to host an aura of industry and enterprise. The person who uses the FS-44P will be able to count 312 coins per minute, and it holds 800 coins at one time. The FS-44P also has an anti-jam mechanism, so you will be able to use it continuously without any problems. This hands-free device prints a receipt when it is done, revealing the total sum of each denomination of coin as well as their combined total. Business owners can significantly reduce the time they spend on tedious tasks with this machine. Check it out for yourself on the
FS-44P's Amazon page.

3 - Cassida Coin Sorter (C200); Amazon; $204.99

Businessmen are raving about the rare and impressive tech demonstrated in the C200. It sorts 300 coins per minute and can hold a maximum of 2000 coins. For this reason, you will not need to continuously re-load the coin counter. You can just dump your coins in and allow it to do its work. Unlike some of the other best coin counters of 2016, this model actually wraps your coins into their own denomination specific wrapper, so you won't have leftover work to do on your own. Small business owners can truly testify that they can focus on the aspects of business that make them successful without getting bogged down and overwhelmed by the tedious details. Think about this product some more by browsing the 

4 - Cassida C100 Electronic Coin Sorter/Counter; Amazon; $176.50

While it does not share the advances of the Cassida C200, the C100 is still a justifiable choice for the business owner who would rather not spend their valuable time counting coins. The C100 comes equipped to sort 250 coins per minute and can hold up to 1500 coins. Further, satisfied reviewers are pleased to point out that the C100 will sort out foreign objects that intrude on the process and eject them without disrupting the counting or sorting process. Consumers who own a small business should take a serious look at the C100 by viewing the 

5 - SteelMaster 200200C; Amazon; $199.95.

As it implements the best tech of the day, warranting a reputation as a state of the art machine, the 200200C has a holding capacity of up to 2000 coins and can sort up to 300 coins per minute. It sorts by denomination for the user, which makes wrapping much easier and more convenient after revealing the final price. It is also recommended for users who are concerned with transportation, as it has a handle that makes it ideal for travel. Business owners should consider visiting the 
200200C's Amazon page.

There are several excellent options for business owners or even those who just have a lot of coins. 2016 has produced top of the line coin counting technology. If you have a consistently low input of coins that need to be counted, we recommend the Royal Sovereign QS-1. However, if you are a business owner with a large established base (or aspiring towards that) and are producing a lot of coins, we recommend the Cassida C200. Whatever your preference may be, this is a survey of the best coin counters of 2016 will surely help you make your decision.

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