There are plenty of coin operated pool tables on the market, but Dynamo, Great American and Shelti Bayside offer some of the best in design, features and comfort. Here are some of the best coin operated pool tables that optimize game time, offer adjustable comfort and noise reduction features to enhance game playing to the max. Depending on your needs, these six coin operated pool tables have all the extra added features to fill any game room. We’ve included links to Amazon so all you need to do is decide which coin operated pool table is right for you.

1. Dynamo Black Sedona Coin Operated 7’ Pool Table: $3,990.00, Amazon


This coin operated pool table offers quality and comfort ideal for any game room. Among its features are reinforced ABS molded legs with easy-adjustment leg levelers for added comfort. This coin pool table also features an exclusive quiet package to keep ball return system noise to a minimum. The magnetic cue ball separator has no moving parts so it separates both magnetic and over-sized balls. Construction includes high quality metal and plastic, along with heavy gauge, galvanized steel slate support. There are push lock pocket fasteners to secure the rubber pocket liners. In addition to the hardwood rails which are screwed into the table for extra added stability, this pool table features the “death to the dead spot” rails for even more play time.

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2. Dynamo Black Sedona Coin Operated 6 ½’ Pool Table: $3,149.00, Amazon


The Dynamo Black Sedona Coin Operated Pool Table is the perfect size for a game with friends. Comfort is high on the list with a noise reducing ball return system, reinforced molded legs, easy-adjustment leg levelers and hardwood rails which reinforce the stability and construction of this coin pool table. This pool table features many of the qualities the Dyanmo Sedona series offers, such as a magnetic cue ball separator, lock pocket fasteners, rubber pocket liners and the “death to the dead spot” rails, but its size is perfect and slightly more compact than its other pool table contenders, making it a great fit for tight spaces.

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3. Dynamo Sedona Coin Operated 8’ Pool Table: $3,499.00, Amazon


If you’re looking for all the outstanding features that Dynamo coin operated pool tables offer in a pool table which is sure to turn a few heads, the 8 foot Dynamo Sedona Coin Operated Pool Table is perfect for you. With all the quality features that Dynamo offers such as reinforced adjustable legs, noise reducing ball system, magnetic cue ball separator, “death to the dead spot” rails and more, this coin pool table is an ideal choice. This table also features imported slate for that extra touch of class.

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4. Dynamo Black Sedona Coin Operated 8’ Pool Table: $3,499.00, Amazon


There’s no denying the black Dynamo Sedona coin operated pool table is made for hours and hours of pool table fun. Its sleek design and elegant color make this 8-foot coin pool table a popular selling item. With all the classic Dynamo features and more, this is one of the best coin operated pool tables on the market offering noise reducing ball system, magnetic cue ball separator, “death to the dead spot” rails and much, much more. The heavy gauged galvanized steel plate support and imported slate make this table one of the best in its class.

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5. Great American Kiddie Pool 6 ft Coin Operated Pool Table with Accessories: $3,499.00, Amazon


Designed for younger players, the Great American Kiddie Coin Operated Pool Table is a perfect design for hours of playtime. This 6-foot coin pool table is vibrant in color and will appeal to younger crowd and adults alike. This table features a heavy duty vertical coin system which ensures quality and reliability. The pool table is a one piece slate with plywood cabinets and comes with all the accessories necessary for game after game.

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6. Shelti Bayside Pool Table Charcoal Matrix - 101" Coin Operated DBV: $5,595.00, Amazon


The Shelti Bayside is one of the best coin operated pool tables on the market, offering high performance and optimal features. The simplified ball trap assembly with precision fit bi-fold door pivots, reinforced table construction and better ball response system make this coin pool table a resilient option. Other impressive features are the table top (75% wool and 25% nylon fabric blend), regulation size play area, oversize cue separator, 2:1 length-to-width play dimension and much more. This is the best in class coin operated pool table.

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The Dynamo series coin operated pool tables are definitely great quality for money tables with a range of sizes to suit whatever space you’re planning on furnishing. These are definitely some of the most popular. If you’re looking to buy something more impressive with features that are sure to turn heads, the Shelti coin pool table is definitely the way to go with tournament style enhanced options and state of the art construction. And of course don’t forget the younger players! The Great American pool table is a win/win choice when it comes to the younger crowd.

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